Jaye Milius's latest update for Terminus

Oct 30, 2016

Hey there party people!

Greetings from the editing phase! It’s been a bit quiet on my end lately, but I assure you that it’s because things are happening behind the scenes to get Terminus into your hands. This part of the process does take a while, so I want to thank you again for your support and patience. It’s thanks to you that this story is getting published and we’re determined to make it the best book that it can possibly be!

I’ve started to receive high-level feedback on the manuscript and the positivity and interest in the project is blowing my mind. There are so many approaches to take toward the idea of peeking into the afterlife. I have pages and pages of notes on potential plot lines and characters, one-off stories to tell, explorations of the social, political, and religious ramifications of the Terminus technology. The team at Inkshares has encouraged me to expand on these ideas and explore weaving them in as subplots to the big, reunion concert between the living and the dead.

So it’s time for more weird! More twisted tales of those who linger between life and death! More human resilience when faced with the impossible! All my favorite things, really.

I’ll keep you posted as more happens behind the scenes. I’m looking forward to getting more feedback from the team at Inkshares, to really digging in and making the story shine. I also hope to post new snippets, to introduce you to some of the other characters populating this world. So inspired! Thanks to YOU!

I hope you all are having a great weekend and an especially HAPPY HALLOWEEN! May your costumes be clever and your treat bags full!

Cheers, y’all!