Jaye Milius's latest update for Terminus

Oct 27, 2017

Greetings, shiny happy people!

We’re off to the races! The developmental edit for Terminus has been a hell of an experience. I know I’ve already gushed about how much I’ve learned, how much the team at Inkshares has helped guide this story’s growth to make it something tight and tense and new. We’ve done beat sheets, character profiles, analysis of theme, and a meaty detailed outline. And now... IT’S TIME. I’ve gotten the green light on rewrites!

Laptop? Check.

Notes? Check.

Quiet spot to brood on mortality? Oh, hell yes!

I’ll be keeping you posted as I dig into the meaty bits. I’ll also be sharing some of the pre-work to (hopefully) get you excited about the new direction. The first two character profiles for our leading ladies are up on my website and the rest of the team will be coming soon. 



I’ll also be sharing the first draft of the prologue. It’s short, one of five such interludes that will be spaced throughout the main action of the story. We will see the early days of the Terminus, but the story is framed as being in the past, recounted by a spirit speaking through the Terminus itself. Their identity is intended to remain a mystery, revealed gradually through their analysis of the events that first allowed the living to speak to the dead.

More to come! And soon! But, for now... back to the writing!

Thanks again for all the love and support, y’all! Without you, none of this would be possible!

Hope you have a great weekend!