Joseph Asphahani
How many thousands of stories have you heard of in which Speaking to the Dead is a central premise? I guarantee you've never seen one as creative and gripping as Jaye Milius' Terminus. Her writing is a master-class of technique. Follow where she's leading you, and enter a brilliantly imagined world where technology and spirituality intertwine, and where death is no longer the end of anything.
Owen St.Gelais
Terminus is a fascinating concept. Combine Philip K. Dick's visions of bizarre capitalistic futurism, with a dash Neil Gaiman's macabre sense of wonder, and you'll get an idea of why I can't wait for this book to be released.
Ria Preisler Rabun
The story sucked me in and blew my mind. The writing is fantastic; the descriptions are perfectly vivid and the characters are whole, completely fleshed out people. Best of all, Terminus makes you FEEL everything in it. I can't wait to read the rest!
EV Liberi
Intriguing premise: an exploration of the consequences of opening a window into death, and how it would shape the world, and the inevitable growth of bureaucracy around access to that window. Most important, though, it's also a great read!
Stephen Carignan
Terminus has a truly interesting concept in which the characters can thrive and come to life. By creating a fully realized world, the author draws the reader in by directly establishing the world to the reader, which then allows the reader to fully engage with the imagery presented. I look forward to reading more.
Darcy Conroy
A modern take on what might happen the dead were no longer forced to leave the world for the next generation to make their own. Milius' prose flows with an easy intelligence and deep empathy that will have you engrossed!
Zack Jordan
This is a premise I have never considered, artfully executed. It flows well, especially with as much explaining as it has to do. The pacing feels good, and it keeps my curiosity piqued without overwhelming me. Followed, in the hopes of learning more.
Eric Landreneau
the living and the dead will raise their voices together.” not something you read everyday.
EV Liberi
One of the most intriguing scifi premises I've come across in a while. Very cool.
Marie Green & MK McFadden
This is a mix of science fiction and supernatural, it's different than what you would normally see, totally unique! If you love the genre, you should really give Terminus a chance!