Immortality is dear bought.

It’s not easy teaching in the nation’s worst schools and being a wizard on the side. Nathan Kulwicki thought he had it covered, until a trip to the doctor’s brings him news of the worst kind. Cancer. Science says he won’t see the start of another school year, so Nathan turns to magic for a cure.

He scours America, time, and unheard of dimensions to find a way to stay alive. A mysterious tome points the way to deadly dangers from before the fall of Rome. Warring cults of killers hold a secret which will allow Nathan to conquer not only cancer, but death itself. But will immortality cost Nathan his soul?

Terminal Magics is a completed and revised urban fantasy novel. Enjoy the first chapter below, or as an audiobook above or on SoundCloud. And if we get 1,000 pre-orders, we’ll produce an abridged audiobook of the novel!

Chapter One of Terminal Magics: