Reader Writer
This looks spectacular. Cannot wait to read this!!
Courtney Constantine
Such a great read. Can't wait to read more!
Look great.  I can't wait to read the whole thing.
Jamie Brindle
Oh, this seems really good! Very well written, I immediate like the setting and the tone, the stuff about chaos magic and different belief systems influencing how magic works is great.  Have pre ordered a copy immediately, and will recommend to friends.
Reader Writer
As an educator and lover of fantasy novels, I can't wait to read the entire book!
Alejandra Gonzalez
Very interesting read! 
Shielah Huelster Andersen
I was delighted to listen to the recording of the first chapter of this book by Benjamin Riggs! As a survivor of childhood cancer who used the guided imagery of chemo vs orcs during my treatments...I fully understand the psychological need of a patient to feel somewhat in control of their battle. I am a survivor...and yet still battling residual effects. It will be interesting and entertaining for me to see how Nathan navigates himself through the wilds of the worlds of magic in his search for a cure...and what his residuals will be. Thanks Ben!
Robert Wren
Check out the video for Ophelia, Doll and see if this book is right for you! I appreciate the support of readers and hope you'll enjoy the available preview chapters enough to consider pre-ordering! Thank you!
The summary and the excerpt are both intriguing and I can't wait to read the rest of the book!
Daniel Arinello
Can't Wait to read the rest.