Lvelc rw Sean M. · Author · added over 3 years ago
Well, I am on the epilogue, so the rest of the story is done! It’s shorter than I expected, but I find it fun and adventurous. I hope you will, too. 

Time to put it up for pre-order! Thank you for your support!

Lvelc rw Sean M. · Author · added over 3 years ago
A little info and an update about Technically Magic:

I wrote this the first time about 5 or 6 years ago, and have rewritten it at least 3 times since then. It is a completed story, but currently not that long. I’m working on adding a few things. It’s a delicate process to reword or add while keeping the pace and structure that fits the composition.

If the word count doesn’t make it to a full "novel" status, I’m okay with that. What I really want is a complete story, not a brick of printed paper, and I will try to make that my goal for anyone who reads this.

If you read, are entertained, and given closure, I will be satisfied. If you enjoy it and share it, I will be thrilled. This whole work is done for those who would want it. After all, what is a storyteller without the support of an audience?

Lvelc rw Sean M. · Author · added over 3 years ago
Thank you for checking out Technically Magic. I appreciate your feedback and will be working to fill out some parts of the mostly complete book. 

If you follow, thank you again, and thank you all for your patronage!