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Tears of the Assassin

Logline: A betrayed assassin must stop the destruction of the US economy and the murder of the one person he adores by a vile and treacherous power monger.

Synopsis: David Diegert is a young man of mixed race from a dysfunctional family mired in modern American poverty. Following a dishonorable discharge from the US Army, Diegert becomes a contract killer for Klaus Panzer, a man of incredible wealth intent on using his clandestine organization, known as Crepusculous, to make himself the master of world economic power. After the completion of several jobs, Diegert struggles to adapt to life as a professional assassin and must learn to cope with the guilt and turmoil of being a cold blooded killer. His next mission is a high profile assassination which will lead to the destruction of the US dollar. During the mission Panzer reveals that he has kidnapped the one person Diegert truly loves. The betrayal continues, in spite of mission success, when Panzer publicizes Diegert’s crimes. Suddenly he’s the world’s most wanted man who forms an unlikely alliance with a talented and resourceful CIA agent. She helps him as he struggles to save the person he truly adores, stop the collapse of the US dollar, and prevent the economic enslavement of the globe.