Following the end of a relationship and a job that didn’t work out, I decided I needed something to work toward and it was then that I decided to embark on a journey to Australia to see a close friend.

The trip then evolved to take in several other places and before I knew it I was off on an extended holiday around the world. Just before leaving I was given an awesome journal by a close friend to keep me busy. After the unbelievable experiences of my first day out of Europe I decided I should put it to use. I recorded all of the adventures and mishaps in great detail, along with plenty of doodles, I collected lots of trinkets and took plenty of photos along the way.

This autobiographical piece contains details of that infamous experience of that first night outside of Europe, as well as three near death experiences, crossing a cobra in the jungle, overcoming the hike of Milford Sound having had most of the supplies stolen, losing surf lesson funds by gambling it away on the crab racing and many more hilarious tales.

Jamie Eddy is a 29 year old Accountant and Dance teacher. After being mugged and left for dead, he pulled himself to safety but suffered severe hypothermia and was admitted to hospital. It was touch and go but he pulled through and decided not to waste this second chance at life and write the book he had been putting off for a while. He dusted off the journal and here we are now, months on looking for your help to turn this pipe dream into a reality.

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