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Wandering Darkness

Wandering Darkness

Joel and Dr. Morrow

Sitting in a cold metal chair. Joel found himself in an unwanted situation. The days started blurred together. Joel still heard his brother screaming. So many sleepless nights in that room. Wondering when those red eyes would come back. Even with all of Dr. Morrow’s questions; all Joel wanted was to leave the hospital. Possibly starting a new life, but the thought of leaving his brother filled Joel with hate. The idea of leaving Edward alone with those red eyes in the dark. It was Joel’s job to protect his brother. He was the oldest, even with twins it is the oldest job to watch over their sibling. Edward had changed so much over the last month. His hair turned white, eyes grew older with each sleepless night. Joel grew suspicious of everyone. What was behind those eyes could change.

Joel’s concentration had been broken by Doctor Morrow.

“Why do you like too have the lights on Joel? Does it make you and your brother feel comfortable?” Dr. Morrow waited for a response. Joel simply ignored him at first. Wondering how he could answer honestly with out sounding like a crazy person. It had been weeks since they were left in Dr. Morrow’s care. A place he never thought they would be.

“Joel I know you feel like we are going in circles, but you must understand Detective Barker and I are trying to help you.” Joel looked at Dr. Morrow. Joel wanted nothing more than a good nights rest.

Detective Barker was a good man. Joel liked him. Even when the Detective accused his brother of killing his mother and her fiance. Joel knew he was just doing his job. But unlike Detective Barker, Joel knew the truth.

Both he and his brother took turns trying to stay awake. Having the lights on did help. There were less shadows. Less things waiting for them.

“I really need you to answer my questions. That way you could leave here faster. If you don’t, well I am afraid I can’t help you.”

Light and darkness. Each of them served a purpose. Joel grew to hate both, even as he felt safer in the light. Edward on the other hand grew more distant with each passing day. Unable to fall asleep even wit the lights on. Joel often found himself trying to calm his brother during every passing hour. Even now as Joel sat in Dr. Morrow’s office, he worried his brother would do something to himself.

Joel had visited with Dr. Morrow in the past due to his changing behavior at school. He hated his sessions. Just as much as he hated Dr. Morrows perfect smile. There were times when Joel felt like taking his chair and breaking off the leg smashing in Dr. Morrow’s face with it. He loved the idea of the blood splattering on his hands, the sound of Dr. Morrow’s jaw breaking into pieces. Seeing the rawness of the flesh tearing away from his face, watching his blonde hair turn red before him, his blues eyes grow dark like his own.

Murder, filled his mind. That was the reason he and his brother were brought to Dr. Morrow. The evidence pointed to them. For the death of their mom and her new husband Greg Carson.

“Joel can you hear me?” Dr. Morrow said. Snapping his fingers louder.

Joel finally looked at him with a blank stare in his eyes; his fantasy had been interrupted by his snapping. He moved from his slouched position and placed his head on the doctor’s desk. Trying to empty his mind from the murderous thoughts. He hated the Doctor, but never actually wanted to kill him. He wasn’t sure what to blame, the lack of sleep or the fact that he was a prisoner.

“I’m sorry doctor I was just thinking...” Joel grew distant as his mind started to wonder.

Dr. Morrow placed his pad on his desk, with a stern look at Joel. It had been three years since he was placed in his care before the murders. Just a few weeks had passed since he and his brother were brought to the psychiatric hospital. Edward was covered in blood. Screaming as they carried him in. the same screams that kept Joel awake at night. Not being able to speak since. Even when they were alone Joel tried to get his brother to talk to him.

Joel looked at his reflection in the mirror on Dr. Morrows desk, his eyes looked dark to him. His long hair covered his face. Moving his hair to the side he saw how sunken in his cheeks were, his eye lids dark. Filled with sadness. Edward was all he had now. He was the only reason Joel put up with Dr. Morrow. So he could help his brother.

Edward saw something that day they found the bodies. His brothers hair had turned gray with fear. Constantly rocking back and forth, staring off into darkness. Waiting. Joel saw it every day.

But constantly being asked the same questions day after day. Joel could hardly stand it. His eyes started to feel heavy. Every each passing minute. He wanted his session to be over. Knowing his brother would be next. It was the only time he could sleep. Dream, hope for freedom.

He was starting to look more like his brother. The look of death on his face. His hairs starting to turn gray.

The doctor saw Joel staring at his reflection. Joel saw Dr. Morrow in the corner of his eye. Giving him a stern look. Joel looked Dr. Morrow in the eyes, trying to give him the attention he demanded. Dr. Morrow hated that Joel wouldn’t cooperate.

Dr. Morrow continued to write on his note pad.

“What were you thinking about Joel?” Dr. Morrow asked. Moving the mirror away from Joel.

“I was thinking about the day we were brought to this place. I have only been outside a few times since I came here. I want to feel the sun on my face, look at me. I’m pale, I look like i’m dying.” Joel held the stapler in his hands. Wanting desperately to smash in Dr. Morrow’s face. Thinking even prisoners in jail get more time outside than they do.

“Knowing that you and Detective Barker have no real evidence to hold us here. Except my lack of authority in the past, and Edwards current mental state. Yes he found the bodies. That doesn’t mean he knows what happened.”

Joel placed the stapler back on Dr. Morrow’s desk. Smiling. Trying to imitate the doctors smirk. Joel turned and walked to the window, trying to place his face toward the sun. Which had already passed them. “Speaking of which my brother. He would like his sketch pad back. He’s been asking for it.”

Dr. Morrow looked surprised by his words. “So you brother spoke to you?”

“It’s a figure of speech. He’s been motioning for it. I know my brother, we talk, just not the way you want him too.”

Joel hated Dr. Morrow, he never knew how much he hated anyone before. “It’s been three days. You know how my brother loves to draw, it would be nice if he could get it back. Maybe even some colors and not that black shit you give him.”

Joel took a few pages from Dr. Morrow’s printer. Folding them in his pocket. “Just something to hold him over. We both want to see the daylight again sometime soon. I myself am starting to wonder if there is still a sun outside. I promise that you can keep Edward chained to the bench, under armed guard if you let us out again. I promise that I will do my best to not have him attempt an escape again.”

While Dr. Morrow was writing in his note pad. Joel took the remaining pages in the printer stuffing them behind his back. “I was also thinking about our home, our mom and Greg. What you and Detective Barker think you found that day when you went to our home. We know you think that Edward or even I killed them. I don’t know how many times I can say that we had nothing to do with it.”

Dr. Morrow knew this was going to end on a bad note; Joel had only talked about his mother a few times before that day. Leaving more questions to be answered, he remembered how he thought it would be an open and closed case.

Before when he visited Joel at school he thought he was just a teen wanting attention. Trying his best to stop his mother from dating other men, fearing that one would replace his father. Joel and his brother were under his observation now; Joel knew that Dr. Morrow and detective Barker has suspected him in the killings.

“Why would you think about that now Joel? Every time I ask you about your mother you always avoid the question.”

Joel remembered his mother’s light brown eyes, her loving smile, and how she use to make him and his brother breakfast when they were younger. She had always wore the same uniform for Café Grande for years, always working double shifts to make ends meet.

He remembered once on their twelfth birthday, the manager gave her permission to have there party at the Café at no charge. All their friends came over, and enjoyed the games, food and cake the kitchen staff made them. That was until Greg came into there lives, the man who changed his mother. She would often skip work to be with him. That’s what Joel hated the most.

“Joel? Are you okay?” Dr. Morrow asked.

Once again Joel was pulled from his dream. “Yes I am okay doctor, if you don’t mind I would like to call it an early day. I would like to go to speak with my brother, before you see him. Maybe even get him to write, if that’s okay with you?”


Joel walked into the room. Edward was fast asleep. Once again his brother was strapped to the bed. Looking at his brothers arms he saw Edward put up a fight with the orderlies. Joel sat in front of his brother’s bed. Looking out the hall he watched as visitors passed them. Members of the staff were leaving, Joel didn’t realize how late it was. He was in Dr. Morrow’s office longer than he originally thought. The nightshift arrived to work. It was already eight o’clock at night.

It was late and Joel felt he should wake his brother. Hoping he was not too out of it. The thought of Edward keeping him awake during the night was more than Joel could bare. Edward was to be Dr. Morrow’s last patient for the day. Joel knew Dr. Morrow would get the same results as always; a blank face staring back at him.

Ever since they took Edward in, cleaned off the blood. He only said two words. “She’s dead.” The police told both of them there mother was dead. When they asked Edward why he did it. He fell into a permanent silence. Joel could only imagine what his brother saw. Edward arrived a full hour early that day. Joel had skipped school. This was the reason that detective Barker and Dr. Morrow had suspected them of killing their mom and Greg.

Then one day he finally stopped communicating even with Joel. It took Edward a few days to start motioning what he wanted, Joel was the only one who understood his brothers needs. Sometimes Joel would catch Edward talk in his sleep. Joel knew they were taping them.

“Edward. Edward!” Joel cried. Moving his brother side to side. Edwards eyes were heavy with drugs. He would be no use to anyone. Joel waived to the camera yelling. “Tell doctor dumb ass, that my brother can’t see him today. You drugged him till next week.”

Joel waited a few minutes. The orderlies never came for his brother. Joel thought how lucky his brother was to miss a session with Dr. Morrow.

They had no real evidence if they did. He and his brother wouldn’t be in the psychiatric hospital. They both be in lock up. To Joel there was no difference, they were still prisoners. Why were they keeping them there? He felt perfectly sane, and he was worried about Edward. Who took their mothers death the hardest. The cries alone were all he got of what his brother saw.

In his bed, Joel took the silence as an opportunity to sleep. Knowing if his brother was up now or later, he have to be up during the night. His thoughts fixed on school. Wondering if they were out what kind of things he would be getting into. Would Mrs. Goldsmith catch him in the act. When he was fourteen years old he felt separated from the other teens. His brother was smart, well behaved; a real teacher’s pet. The teachers would always comment to Joel, “Why can’t you be more like your brother?” At times the teachers would confuse Joel for his brother. He would often trick them by acting like his brother causing anarchy when he would upset the faculty. Edward would often defend his brother and even tried to take the fall for him a few times, but the teachers knew it was not so.

Joel’s friends would often frame or beat on some of the smaller boys. Some finally got fed up with his misdeeds. They told Mrs. Goldsmith what Joel had planned for the end of the semester. Waiting outside the boy’s bathroom in an empty classroom she watched as Joel punched a boy for not setting off his stink bomb. With Coach Bache’s help she separated the two, keeping Joel from Andrew, a small fragile boy who had not, had his growth spurt yet.

“Joel Sanders, how dare you hit Andrew in the stomach! What would your mother say?”

Joel laughed at the idea of his mother taking action. “I can tell you Mrs. Goldsmith, she wouldn’t say much of anything about this if she were here.”

Joel laughed at the idea. Knowing very well he was dreaming with mixed memories. He liked the idea of still getting the best of Mrs. Goldsmith. In a huff she sat Joel down on the bench in front of the principle’s office. Coach Bach kept watch on him, while she searched through his bag to make sure he had nothing else stashed. It was filled with drawing pads and composition books. Curious, she opened the first drawing book, and screamed from what she found in them. Pictures of his classmates with scissors placed in some, some were on fire while others suffered dismemberment with a hack saw. Mrs. Goldsmith felt sick seeing how graphic the images were.

Only looking at three pictures she immediately called the principle out of his meeting with the sixth grade teachers. Once the principal arrived both of them asked him questions. “Why did you hit Andrew Johnson? Was it because he didn’t set off your little stink bomb?”

Joel ignored Principal Williams question. “Okay I guess we have no other choice but to call your mother. Then suspension from school ground, possibility of damage to school property.”

Joel had a smile on his face; Principal Williams thought he was trying not to laugh. “Is there something funny young man?”

“No sir.” Joel said.

Walking to his desk he almost drops the phone, then quickly dials the diner. When he heard him ask for his mom, Joel heard his voice get deep.

“What do you mean she hasn’t been coming to work?”

Slamming the phone on his desk he turned to Joel. “Do you know where your mother is?”

Joel ignored the principal’s question and looked out the window. The trees started to grow darker. Looking back he saw that Principal Williams was not Dr. Morrow. Joel tried to stay focused as the room started to change growing taller. Making him feel small.

He could see his brother waiting outside for him at the flag pole standing in the rain. His hands and body covered in blood. Covered from head to toe, a silent scream let out from Edward. As a dark figure got close to his brother. It was raining blood.

Breaking his silence he was afraid for his brother. “Could you have your secretary to tell Edward to come inside I think it’s going to rain? It’s raining blood.”

Coach Bach went outside himself to tell Edward. The dark shadow attacked Coach Bach. Edward ran inside. When Edward appeared in the office he looked at Joel in shame, mouthing to him. Holding out his bloody hands. “What did you do now?”

Joel awoke to his brother standing over the bed looking down at him. “Jesus Christ! What did I tell you about doing that?”

Joel looked at the clock on the wall it was twelve in the evening. “When did they cut you lose?”

Edward just shrugged. Motioning for his drawing pad. “I got something to hold you over.”

Joel pulled the pages out from his back pants, and his pocket. Giving his brother new material made Edward happy. It was the only time Joel saw his brother smile. “A little gift from the Doc. He hopes you like them.”

Again still no response, simply a smile. Nothing more. Joel sat next to his brother, ready for their nightly routine. “So what are you drawing now?” Joel asked.

Edward ignored his brother for a moment. Covering his paper. “Well, just sign it. You never know if you’ll be famous someday.”

Edward continued to draw. Joel thought about his dream. His mom had been on vacation when she was killed. She asked for two weeks off. She and Greg had finally got married. Something that Edward was excited about, but not Joel. Joel hated Greg more than he hated Dr. Morrow. So much so he even planned to kill him if Greg ever hurt his mom.

That day he skipped school, he snuck back in to make Andrew sabotage the boys restroom. His brother was already on the way home when the cops arrived. When Coach Bach found him in the hall Joel thought it was just for his actions. He had no idea that Edward was found covered in blood.

When detective Barker showed up. Joel’s heart grew heavy. “Hello Joel, I’m detective Charles Barker, you remember Dr. Morrow, we want to ask you a few questions if you don’t mind.”

“What’s this all about?” Joel asked. Feeling frustrated, especially at the sight of Dr. Morrow. Who he hopped to never see again.

“We just found your brother outside of your home. He was found screaming covered in blood. Do you know anything about that?”

Joel froze for a moment. “What the hell are you talking about? Who’s blood? Is my brother hurt?”

His heart beat faster the longer it took detective Barker to answer.

“He’s fine for the most part...” Joel jumped up fast. “What do you mean for the most part?”

“Calm down Mr. Sanders. We are just trying to find out what you know first.” Detective Barker kept calm. Dr. Morrow simply wrote in on his note pad.

Eh Joel saw his brother cowering in the corner of the room. Motioning to turn on the light. “Why don’t you get up and turn it on yourself!” Joel hated the way his brother was acting. He had always been so calm. Confident, in control of everything around him. But now. It was like he was another person, afraid of his own shadow.

“I’m tired. I am going to lay down. Can you please try and give me some time to rest. Please!” Edward nodded, yes.

Staying in the light corner of the room drawing away.

It didn’t take long for Joel to fall back into his thoughts. Dreaming of that day.

Joel never said more than a few words to the case workers that came to talk to him. It had been late when they called social services to see if his mom really did leave her children alone. Confirming it with her job, that she had put in time off for vacation. Hours passed before police showed up with the social workers, one of the women looked sick, trying to hold her mouth.

They held Edward with their hands covered with latex. His brother was still covered in blood. His rambling over and over. “She’s dead. She’s dead. She’s dead.”

Joel was angry they had not cleaned his brother off yet. “Good God, can you at least clean his face. Didn’t you get picture and DNA and all that shit already. Look at him, he’s a mess.”

“Get him cleaned up.” Detective Barker told the woman. Her face was pale, she wanted to throw up.

Joel thought they might have brought along a psychiatrist to see if he could be troubled emotionally, thus trying to act out in objection to Greg. It was a well known fact Joel hated his mother’s boyfriend. He could be heard saying how he wished the bastard was dead, bragging to his friends how he was going to chop him up with an axe then bury him in the ground under a tree.

Edward was the only one who took Greg with open arms; often the bastard would help his brother with his school work and encouraging him in his extra curricular activities, teaching him baseball and football. If he wasn’t a friend of his father’s he might have welcomed him in, eventually. But it wasn’t more than two years after their father died when Greg asked their mom out.

Joel knew this time it was more than just a routine check on his mental state; he had a feeling in the pit of his stomach. Something was wrong, it was true, much to his un-liking she married Greg on a whim while she accompanied him on a trip to Las Vegas. They were only to be gone for a few days.

Eh. Eh. Ahh. Joel awoke again to his brother’s cries. The lights were flickering. Joel went to the corner to hold his brother. “It’s okay. I’m here. I wont let anything happen to you I promise. Just close your eyes. I’ll stay awake for the both of us. Your safe, nothings there.”

Edward started to nod off to sleep. Joel knew he had to stay awake or he never hear the end of his brothers cries if Edward woke up and he was asleep. He organized the pictures. Each one was very detailed. His brother had a knack for drawing, winning contest in the past. Looking at the picture’s Joel knew the only way his brother would win now was if. He entered them in a horror contest. Images of bodies littered on the floor, pools of blood, mangled trees that were unnatural.

Their was not much for Joel to do. Holding his brother, he tried to stay awake counting the panels on the ceiling against the blocks on the walls, to the tiles on the floor. Joel was so tired he thought his eyes were playing tricks on him. A shadow moving under his brother’s bed, kept him alert. Every time he stopped to close his eyes. That’s when the shadow moved.

With his brother out of commission all Joel had were his memories.

They took both him and his brother to the hospital that specialized in troubled teenagers. Joel insisted they stay together in the same room. Joel knew ever since they were kids, Edward never liked being alone. Now with him being off the edge of his mind. Joel convinced Dr. Morrow and detective Barker that he could get his brother to speak again.

It was very possible his brother saw the entire thing. Joel hated the idea that his brother found the bodies. But it was more than that. It was like his brother never came out of the house that day.

Why were they not telling them anything. It was always the same response. “The investigation is ongoing.”

A nurse came into the room, this time without a smile on her face. “Edward the doctor wants to see you now.”

Joel looked at the nurse and the clock it was now eight in the morning. Joel shook his brother awake. They looked at each other it was like looking in a mirror minus their hair styles. Joel never would have realized how much his face had changed if it wasn’t for the mirror on Dr. Morrow’s desk. The room was free of glass and lose wires. The sheets were very frail, not even thick enough to keep a bug warm. The restrooms had metal mirrors, but they were never polished. Joel only saw a glob of his former self in the reflection. Edward had no complaints since he let Joel do all the talking for the both of them.


Edward sat in front of Dr. Morrow’s desk. Edward just sat their staring at the desk then to the filling cabinet. Motioning with his hands for his sketch book.

“Edward, I know we have been over this again and again. I promise to give you back your book of drawings if you answer my question. Do you know what happened to your mom and stepfather?” Edward knew Joel hated that word: Father, their real father died in a car crash on the way to take Edward to soccer practice. He was side swiped by a drunk driver, he was killed instantly.

Edward was in the hospital. Luckily he was in the back on the opposite side, secure with the seat belt. After that he stopped speaking for a few days. It wasn’t easy but Joel managed to get his brother to talk again.

Edward wanted to talk. Every time he tried it was like something was stopping him. He wanted to tell them what he saw. That thing in the dark, its teeth, those glowing red eyes. The laughter filled with joy. So much blood. Blood.

Ehh. Ehhh.. ah... Edward felt the words stuck. I don’t know what happened. He thought.

He shook his head. No. Hoping it would be enough for Dr. Morrow. He liked the doctor. For the most part he was nice. It was his idea of giving Edward the book. Hoping he would write what he wanted to say. But even then, it was impossible to form words on the page. It was like something stopped him, he was only able to draw. The same images over, and over again. Death, bodies, torture, blood. Trees, insects and animals feeding off the remains. The figure in the dark its eyes void of feelings.

Edward started to cry. The tears were coming down fast. He knew something terrible had happened to her. When he walked into the house. He tried to draw it so many times. He still saw it clear in his head. The blood on the floors leading to her room. The floor littered with flesh and bones.

Edward let out yell of terror. Dr. Morrow tried to hold him back. Giving him a glass of water to calm him down.

Dr. Morrow hoped to get answers from them but instead only ended up with more questions. He knew it was too soon for answers. Both brother’s lost the one thing that meant the most to them in this world.

“Edward, I want to try something with you. I know it is extreme. It doesn’t work for everyone. How would feel about hypnosis.”

Edward sipped on the glass of water, trying to stay calm. Nodding his head yes.

“Okay, I want you to lay down on the sofa and listen carefully.”

Edward listened to Dr. Morrow’s voice. It was calming. Like his father’s Edward thought maybe that was why his brother hated the doctor. He reminded him of someone who meant more than anything else.

Soon Edward found himself walking home from school. The day was gloomy. About to rain at any moment. He knew his brother was up to no good, hoping to get home before Joel. Ready to relax for the weekend. A faint voice in the distance called to him.

Now Edward, I want you to tell me what you see when you walk into the house.

It was Dr. Morrow. Edward responded “Yes, I will.”

Good, now before you walk in, remember nothing inside can harm you. I want you to try and remember and say as much as you can, as slowly as possible.

Edward felt uneasy staring at his home. It was unnatural. Opening the door, the inside appeared to be dark as night. The floor boards were covered in blood. Markings along the floor were running from the ground to the walls. Slash marks. Edward was frozen. He called out for his mom. No response. She couldn’t possibly be home.

Okay, Edward. Where did you go next?

The stairwell had footprints. Following them up the stairs they lead to his mom’s bed room. Opening the door. He saw his mom’s head on the floor her body was torn to pieces. Blood filled the room. Edward threw up on the ground. Feeling weak he knew he had to call for help. Going back downstairs to pick up the phone. There was no dial tone. Silence. A noise came from behind.

Turning around Edward saw a large red line of blood. Someone had dragged someone into the basement. “Can’t go into the basement!” Edward cried out.

Why, Edward? Why can’t you go into the basement? What’s in there is it your brother?

“No! Joel’s not home. Can’t go into the basement! Not suppose to disturb...”

Calm down. Edward breath. Slowly tell me what happened next. Take your time remember. Nothing can harm you. You can wake up any time you want. Your safe.

Edward started to breath, slowly. His heart was beating faster now. He was at the door leading down to the basement. Sounds of thrashing filled the air. Going down the stair case he heard laughter. Sounds of bones breaking. Crunching. Slurping. He saw it in the dark. Its body was hideous, it had the face of a man, but it wasn’t a man. It was something else. It looked like Greg, but his body was just under the disfigured creatures. Those teeth, that horrible grinning. Red eyes string back at him.

The disfigured body moved fast. Edward started to feel cold. The eyes were now directly in front of him. Its razor sharp teeth, dripping with blood. Its cold boney hands were around his neck. Edward felt his life slipping away. Using his last ounce of strength. Edward started to hit back. Getting lose he tried to run upstairs. The creature was close behind. Running fast. Edward kept slipping down the hall. Covering himself in blood.

Screaming. The next thing he remembered was being outside. Crying. “She’s dead! She’s dead!”

Dr. Morrow snapped his fingers. Waking Edward from his trance. He was still screaming. Dr. Morrow tried to move him. His body violently shaking, swinging his arms. Edward still saw what was in the shadows. Its smile. The blood. The horrible sounds it made.

Edward tried to hold the disfigured body. Dr. Morrow. Tried to pull Edward’s hands away from his neck. Giving him a chance to call for help. The look in Edwards eyes filled Dr. Morrow with concern. The hypnosis had worked. He didn’t learn anything. Mrs. Sander’s and Greg’s body were still missing, the only lead they had was the blood.

The orderlies came in pulling Edward away from Dr. Morrow. Edward still crying. “You killed her! You killed her!” The words stuck with Dr. Morrow.

It was time to call Detective Barker.


Detective Barker watched the session with Edward. Writing down every detail to compare with his notes. Detective Barker was surprised by Edwards outbreak. He had always seemed calm. The one thing that stood out was were the blood was found. Placing the crime scene photo’s on the table Dr. Morrow followed detective Barker through what they found.

“I remember walking into that blood bath. The smell. It was like someone had beed dead for days. The blood was fresh. I don’t know what happened we tried to recreate the crime scene. Even our blood spatter expert had a difficult time determining if the bodies were cut upstairs and brought down, or if it happened in both locations.” Detective Barker, placed a piece of gum in his mouth. Offering Dr. Morrow a piece.

“No thank you. I am sure that Joel knows more, but his brother may be protecting him. I think this monster is Joel. A way for him to process what he saw that day. It’s just a theory, you said it yourself the forensic team only found Edwards hand and footprints in the blood.”

Looking for the photo’s detective Barker pulled out all pictures of the hands along the wall. Even bare footprints on the floor. “My only problem is that when they found Edward. His feet had no signs of blood. Just his shoes. Even if he cleaned them, they still would have a chemical reaction to the test.”

Looking at the photo’s there were small fragments of skin and bone on the floor and walls. Signs that the bodies were dragged around the home at all exits, yet not a single body part had been found.

There was something in the photo’s that disturbed both Dr. Morrow and detective Barker. Photo’s were placed in a large pool of blood. Their wedding rings on top. The honeymoon photo’s cut into pieces. It was Dr. Morrow’s theory that they were placed there as to how the bodies were torn. Each one more disturbing than the last.

“It’s time to go. Are you ready?” asked detective Barker.

“Yes, you going to drive. Or should I follow?” Dr. Morrow asked. “I’ll take you. Save time, besides can’t have you running out on me.”

The drive gave time for Dr. Morrow to think. He didn’t like the idea of visiting the house. But knew it was the only way to learn more about Joel and Edward’s connection to the murders. Something they left behind, anything that might lead them to were they could have placed the bodies. As well as to why they would have killed them.

Joel seemed like an average teenager just looking for attention from his mother, in an attempt to break up her and Greg. Other days he would seem distant, darker more compulsive to those around him. Angry that he and his brother were being kept in the hospital constantly being asked questions.

Dr. Morrow heard about the screams coming from their room; Edward would be in the corner crying. He had a camera and microphone placed in the room. Allowing himself to examine Edward and Joel’s sleep cycle. During the day Dr. Morrow would try to ask Edward about his dreams. Each time without a response.

“Who are you talking to Edward? Who is in the room with you?”

At night Joel and Edward would converse with each other. It was difficult for Dr. Morrow to decipher Edward’s silent response. Somehow only Joel could understand. Only Edward’s cried during the night gave Dr. Morrow a small peak into his silence.

Dr. Morrow was worried Joel had killed his mother and her new husband. The boys future was left in his hands.

Arriving at the home, detective Barker removed the seal. The house was surrounded by police tape. There were no signs of forced entry. Putting on foot covers and gloves. Dr. Morrow followed detective Barker. The blood was dried, he saw the full force of the violence of the attack.

Walking through the home Dr. Morrow took his own pictures, taking notes to the side. They had a few more days to search before the cleaning crew arrived. Every small item appeared organized with no signs of a struggle, no footprints other than Edwards and the victims, no foreign finger prints. Still no sign of the murder weapon.

Dr. Morrow stopped and looked at old photo’s of Joel and Edward. Each photo was just the two; it seemed lonely. Just one showed their mother holding her boys. The back of the photo read the year before her husband died. She was holding each of them in her arms; the boys were seven years old at the time; each one smiling. Only one photo of their father was on the wall, he was young wearing a military uniform. Dr. Morrow thought they looked like the perfect family.

Each picture looked like happier times; he noticed that the photo albums were on the ground. Flipping through the pages he noticed several photo’s were missing. He wrote down everything he felt to be important. The photo album appears to be the only one that felt real. Even with what the police found everything almost seemed staged.

“I am almost afraid to search the rest of the home.” He thought.

Walking in with detective Barker, he finally stood in Joel’s room. Looking around he noticed the wallpaper was pealing off. “Detective, I think you need to see this.”

Carefully pealing off the wallpaper, he saw what looked like a painting. A pair of red eyes, in the middle of a dark face. Surrounded by dark figures, seeing them sent a chill down his body. “What do you make of that Doc?”

Dr. Morrow looked at the dark figures, he felt drawn to the painting. The disfigured face staring directly at him. The eyes appeared detailed, almost alive. It was clear someone put a lot of time, and work on the piece.

“Looks like the same things that Edward has been drawing in his notebook.” Getting closer with the camera, Dr. Morrow thought he saw a shadow move from the painting.

“We need to remove the rest of the wallpaper.” Dr. Morrow suggested.

After thirty minutes with a steamer, the painting was fully uncovered. Someone wanted the wall covered, what would prove difficult would be to determine who covered it. The painting was unlike anything they had ever seen. Almost renaissance error, taking more photo’s Dr. Morrow knew that somehow Edward had discovered the painting. The imagery was to similar. Dark figures towered over bodies of men and woman. Their bodies mutilated by the creatures, their teeth tearing away the flesh, chewing on the bones. Each face looked darker than the next, all except for the eyes. Each one seemed to be staring directly at Dr. Morrow. It was unclear of who these figures were suppose to represent surrounding their victims on the wall. Several claw marks where found carved into the painting. The victims frozen in terror.

Several of the victims were hanging from trees, bones sticking out of the ground. Blood dripping from the mouths of the dark figures hidden in the trees. A small meadow had children facing away from the monsters; only one looked at them.

Dr. Morrow noticed something out of place in the meadow, a pile of dirt with a cross placed upside down. He looked closer and saw a hand coming out of the dirt. A woman’s hand with red nail polish, a pearl bracelet, a light band were a wedding ring would be.

“That right there. Look.” Dr. Morrow got closer. “This paint looks newer.”

Detective Barker held a small bag, using a knife he peeled off small paint chips. Then handed the bags to the forensic team. “I want you to test this against other patches on the wall. See how old they are. Same for the glue, also have them check to see if anyone bought wallpaper like this recently in the last three months.”

Dr. Morrow found more of Edward’s drawings in a large box underneath the mattress. They were very similar to what was painted on the walls. Dr. Morrow and detective Barker were disturbed by everything. Growing up Catholic, Dr. Morrow saw this as satanic.

Detective Barker uncovered another box full of notebooks. Dr. Morrow immediately knew they belonged to Edward each image more disturbing than the next. Detective Barker cataloged each notebook.

Dr. Morrow knew with the evidence found in Joel and Edward’s closet did not help their case. They found photo’s of Greg, cut into pieces. It seemed Edward was now the number one suspect.

“What do you think?” Asked detective Barker.

“To soon to say, I thought it was Joel, now I think Edward. Perhaps both.”

Needing to take a break Dr. Morrow went outside, joining detective Barker for a smoke. It had been over four hours, Dr. Morrow had grown tired. It was hard for him, he often found himself stressing over his analysis of the boys. “You know detective it gets harder each week, but I still manage to sneak one in.”

Detective Barker laughed at the idea. “Yeah my wife wants me to stop smoking; we have a kid on the way. It’s hard to stop smoking just in the house. Now she wants me to stop full time saying I have to think about our son.”

Dr. Morrow inhaled deeply. He liked the way the smoke felt calming his nerves. Walking around the backyard he saw a pile of dirt next to a tree. He started coughing when he saw a small black cross in the foot of a tree upside down he remembered seeing the same thing from the painting.

Shortly after taking photo’s of the soil. They knew the soil was fresh. This was disturbing to both of them. Detective Barker called the investigation team to remove the top soil and see what was below. Discovering a bone sticking out. It looked like the top of the ulna or possibly the radius. It was a chewed metacarpal bones. Seeing the human remains removed made him both detective Barker and Dr. Morrow sick. They continued digging. After a while they found another body, the flesh was still attached. When the heads were uncovered from their plastic wrapping there was no doubt it was the boys mother, and husband.

Dr. Morrow was worried that Joel had acted out his homicidal tendencies, but never thought he would be capable of doing something like this. They still had to link him to the murders. It would be up to the forensic team to see if any DNA was left on the bodies. He had to get Edward to talk. He was certain, Edward knew more than what he was letting on. Dr. Morrow, wondered if perhaps Joel had threatened his brother, or if he was so frightened that he was no longer capable of communication other than through hypnosis.

“Doctor, take a look at this.” Detective Barker, opened his case file. Revealing images of the tree. The top soil was solid. No signs of any lose dirt. “That’s impossible. Who tarried the bodies?”

Joel and Edward had been in his care since they were expected of murder. It was impossible for them to have buried the bodies.

He called his colleague Dr. Garcia and told him to keep Joel away from Edward.

Margaret Sanders and Greg Carson bodies were taken away.

“This is very confusing. I was sure that Joel had committed these acts but now, I’m not so sure. These acts seem unnatural almost animalistic. Motive, but now we have to press them further, if there is an accomplice.”

Both of them were back at the start. Determined to get a profile of the murder, detective Barker allowed Dr. Morrow to return to the clinic. “Keep me updated on whatever you find. I will keep asking the boys, even if I have to resort to drugs and hypnosis.”

Detective Barker knew Dr. Morrow was getting frustrated. They had worked together for years. He always trusted his judgment. The fact that he was just as stumped as he was proved how difficult it was to determine who the murder was.


Once back at his clinic David Morrow sat in his office. Looking over his files again. Knowing he had to press hard. It wasn’t something he liked to do. Saving it as a last resort. Pulling the copies of the photo’s he knew to start with Edward. He knew he was close to discovering the truth. Edward knew something. David was worried he might make things worse for his patient.

The photo’s were very graphic. He thought how to approach the situation. If he left Edward alone, he could be left in that silent state forever. If he pressed hard enough Edward might be able to break free just long enough to reveal what happened that day.

The phone rang. It was Charles. “Doc, I found something interesting. We found the missing pieces from the photo’s inside the victims bodies. Also that painting on the wall. We examined the paint and you won’t believe it, but it’s been there for over thirty years. Twenty years before the Sanders family moved in. It turns out there were new images painted with the portrait. You thinks is your artist?”

“Very possible. I plan on seeing him with in the next hour. I’ll call you back if I find out more.”

Edward arrived for his appointment. His eyes were bloodshot. Dr. Morrow knew he had tried to stay awake. Joel had been furious that they had been separated. Cursing the camera’s every chance he had. Insisting he needed to stay with his brother. The orderly was asked to stay during Edward’s session.

David wasn’t ready for what he was about to do.

“Hello Edward. I noticed you haven’t had much sleep.” Edward stared into the mirror on his desk. Trying desperately to keep his eyes open. His arms were covered in scratches. Most of them were figures, and symbols. Dr. Morrow recognized them immediately to be the same ones they found in the painting.

“I want to show you something we found. I want you to try and tell me what you know about this.” Dr. Morrow placed the photo of the painting in his hands. Edward moved away from the mirror and looked at the picture. His eyes grew wider. The room was soon filled with his screams. Dropping the photo, Edward ran to the corner. Staying in the light from the sun. “Pick him up and bring him to the chair.”

The orderly held Edward in his arms. Edward tried to swing violently. Holding him steady. Dr. Morrow hesitated when he injected him with a mild sedative. Nothing to strong to nock him out. Edward calmed down. His eyes still filled with terror. Mumbling for his brother. “I want to see Joel.”

Repeating it over and over again. It was the first time he asked for anything willingly. “Go get the brother. You might have to restrain him, I don’t think he’s going to like what I did to his brother.”

While the orderly went to get Joel, Edward started speaking gibberish. He took the weakened state as a chance to ask him again. Picking up the photo, Edward froze his face trying to cry out. Only mumbles of Joel’s name filled the room.

“Why don’t you leave him alone!“ Joel yelled. Breaking free from the orderly. “He doesn’t understand what you’re saying? You doped him up to much.”

“Joel, I really need you to answer me. Do you know anyone who would want to hurt you or your mother?”

“I have already told you. I don’t know! How many more times do I have to say it!” Joel tried to hold his brothers hand. Edward smiled, moving his hand rapidly.

“Then maybe you can tell me about this?” Dr. Morrow gave Joel the photo. For a moment Joel stared at it. The same look that filled Edwards eyes now started to occupy his own.

“This was painted before we moved in. Our mom said our dad covered it up. He tried to paint over it, but it always seemed to bleed through. I’ve seen it a few times, because the wallpaper doesn’t want to stay up a well.”

Dr. Morrow took the photo. Holding the others in his hand, placed them on the desk for Joel to see. It took a few moments for Joel to react. He started to cry at the sight of his dead mother. Her body torn to pieces. “Why the hell would you show these to me?” he cried.

“I wanted to see how you would react. I’m sorry, I don’t like doing things like this, but you two have been going around in circles.”

Edward started to mumble. Book, draw, get out of my head.

“Where’s his book?” Joel demanded. Dr. Morrow opened his filling cabinet pulling out Edward’s sketch book.

Edward started to draw. The same images of the tree, small pieces of paper in the stomach of a body. Then the dark figure, with large teeth. Its eyes wide detailed with faces in the pupils. Their faces frozen. Edward was stuck in a trance. Dr. Morrow and Joel tried to get his attention. Edward started to draw faster. Dr. Morrow took Edward’s notebook. Edward stabbed Dr. Morrow’s hand with his pencil. Dr. Morrow screamed the orderly pulled Edward away. Joel didn’t know what to do. His brother had never shown any signs of violence before. After pressing his panic button, Dr. Morrow gave the order to place Edward in isolation. The only thing on his mind were Edward’s eyes. Their blank stare, filled with darkness. He had always been so calm. Even when he was demanding his notebook. Only having trouble during the night.

“Don’t take him! Doctor, it’s not his fault. You pressed him to far.” Joel was helpless as another orderly held him back. Edward screamed as they carried him away.

“I’m sorry Joel. I had to try something. It will only be for tonight. I promise.” Dr. Morrow tried to keep calm as a nurse came in to help him clean his wound. The notebook was open on the table. “What the hell.” Dr. Morrow saw his face and body torn to pieces in a room.

Edward’s cries still coming from the hall. Joel saw the picture. “It’s going to come for you now. None of us are safe.”

“What’s coming? What do you mean none of us are safe?” Dr. Morrow, wasn’t sure why he asked Joel that question. Even with the pain in his hand, all he though of was the blank stare in Edward’s eyes.

Joel sat down. The orderly stood behind him, cautious of his actions. “I already know you wont believe me. But it wants you too.”


It all started when Greg came by the house one day. Not long after our mom started seeing him. He cut himself in the basement. I don’t know how or why there was something dark down their something old. We felt it all our lives. My father was the only one who went downstairs. He always told us never to go down to the basement. There’s was always a lock on the door.

Somehow Greg woke it up. The darkness that lived in that house. I’m sure. Our mom told us the house was full of mirrors when they moved in. Big mirrors, our father removed most of them down toe the basement. Our mom never liked to talk about what happened. But our father was never the same after that. Growing up he was always looking at the door. Checking the lock. Cleaning the remaining mirrors in the house. Always cleaning them. Placing salt and sage on the bottom, he said it was to keep the evil out.

Not long after our father died. Our mom followed his wishes by cleaning the mirrors. Placing the salt and sage. That was until Greg came by. After awhile he convinced our mom to open the basement door.

I don’t know what he found. He would come by day after day, to check the locks. Cleaning the mirrors. There were times when he seemed just as obsessed as our father. That day he cut his hand got worse. The door kept unlocking on its own. Month’s later the wallpaper started to peal away. Edward would wake up screaming. The dreams he had. They started to plague my mind as well. Those teeth, that smile the eyes in the dark. Sounds of bones and flesh being torn echoed in our minds. Our mom was the only one never haunted by the images. She did find the portrait disturbing. We tried to paint over it, but it kept bleeding through. We finally had to cover it back up with wallpaper that Greg found in the basement. For some reason the one he bought fro the store would not stick.

There were months when nothing would happen. The locks would stay on, the sounds stopped. Our dreams were normal. Then we saw it one night. That thing came out from under the basement. Its body was disfigured. Edward and I thought we were seeing things. Even as it looked at us from our bed. Its breath. It likes to mess with you. Questioning your reality. It made me act out. I quickly learned if I listened to it. It would leave Edward alone.

There were times I thought I was going crazy. I kept listening. I know you think we are crazy. We very well might be. It will play with you now. It want’s something. I don’t know what, but it feeds. Edward started to draw faces, and bodies. After sometime I figured out, he drew who would die next. The faces are that of the missing. If you want, check with detective Barker. If i’m crazy then none of them will match. Besides not all missing people get placed on the news. There’s no way Edward could know what they all look like.


Dr. Morrow didn’t believe him for a moment, a creature seemed absurd. He felt it was a way of making Greg into a monster. Then it hit him, could it have been the good son has gone mad? It seemed possible; the silence was a way of covering his secrets. But there was more evidence of Joel than Edward committing the crime.

Joel knew he did not want to lose his brother and if he told them the truth there was a chance he could save the both of them. “Until then please let him stay in the room with me. You can keep him drugged, tied up if you must. Just don’t leave him alone again.”

Dr. Morrow agreed and let Edward stay with his brother, the orderly place Edward in restraints. Edward tried hard not to fall asleep. Laying next to his brother, Joel wondered if the doctor would believe him. Joel knew Dr. Morrow would believe him soon.

Watching the monitors. David felt jittery, his eyes almost in tears. He hated how he handled the situation with Edward. Trying to massage his hand, he was glad the hole was not deep.

Joel stared at the monitors. His hand pointing under Edward’s bed. “Keep your eyes on the shadows doctor.”

Dr. Morrow continued to watch as Joel and Edward were now asleep. Sipping his coffee, Dr. Morrow didn’t know why he felt it necessary to watch them sleep. He had seen videos of the two before. There was nothing different about them.

Doctor Morrow sat in his office, keeping an eye on the monitors. He started a search for those who went missing in Red Bear, Tx. There was a long list, just bringing up the last year. He searched through Edward’s notebook he saw the similarities of the faces with those he found online. Intrigued he searched the history of the Sanders house. There had been several murders. The last took place twelve years before the family moved in. There were photo’s of the inside. Each wall had large mirrors, just like Joel said. Seeing were they were placed, he never would have known looking at the house now.

He never got a chance to check the basement. They had found more than they expected in the backyard. It was three in the morning. When he saw a shadow move from under Edward’s bed. A large white smile and pair of eyes staring at him. Rubbing his eyes he looked again. Nothing. Running the video in reverse. He saw nothing.

He searched for his first tape, fast forwarded to the very end and watched it all the way in slow reverse. Then he heard a loud scream follow by a blood curdling cry. He could hear a dark voice speaking at the same time he saw the image staring at him.

“I’m coming for you.” The mouth started to move. The dark creature walked toward the camera. It’s face started to change, into Edward.

It ran back to Edward, its body was dark. Joel laid in a deep sleep, unaware of it’s presence. The creature started to open it’s mouth. A blue flame came out of Edward’s motionless body. Flowing into the creatures mouth, its eyes glowing red. Edward started to shack, his skin turning white. He felt uneasy when it stopped and just sat and stared into the camera. Dr. Morrow tried to keep calm. Thinking he was asleep, he tried everything to wake up. “This can’t be real. Your asleep, that’s all. Got to wake up. Think about what your seeing, it’s not possible.”

Dr. Morrow saw the creature go back to Edwards bed. Holding his mouth, he pulled him under the shadows dragging him into the darkness. Getting up Dr. Morrow felt dizzy. The room was spinning. The next thing he remembered was waking up in his office. The video was live. Edward was wide awake, Joel was trying to calm him, as he screamed in the corner of the room. His hair had turned white, his eyes were bloodshot. An orderly tried to place Edward back in his restraints causing Joel to act out himself. Dr. Morrow went to the room trying to calm the situation.

Edward had been tied back in his bed. His arms were full of bruises and strange scratches. “Take the Joel to my office.” Dr. Morrow said. Joel fought the orderly, who held him down and zip tied his hands, and gave him a mild sedative.

Dr. Morrow sat in his chair. Drinking his third cup of coffee. Looking at himself in his mirror. He saw that he appeared just as tired as Joel and Edward. Like he had not slept for days. Joel fell asleep from the sedative. Instead of ordering his staff to take him back, Dr. Morrow rewound the tapes to when he thought he saw the figure. Slowing the video down, he saw nothing, but a single shadow moving below the bed. There was no sign of the figure, or Edward being carried under the bed.

Turning his back away from the monitor he saw Joel starting to wake. In the corner of the mirror, he saw two red eyes staring at him from the monitor. Edward was being placed back in his be just before sunrise. The figure stopped and stared at the camera, waiving bye. Dr. Morrow rewound the video and found nothing. He even watched it from the mirror again, nothing but Edward trying to turn in his restraints.

“I told you, it would be coming for you. What’s funny, is who’s going to believe you.” Joel said.

Dr. Morrow didn’t know what to think. Wondering if perhaps he had let the paintings, and drawings get to him. It has been a long night, he had took a big leap at trying to see if Edward and Joel would tell him more that night.

“He can’t be alone now, let me back in the room with him. Go back and watch the videos, you’ll see. Now that it want’s you to see. We don’t have much time.” Joel had convinced Dr. Morrow enough. He still needed answers. Edward had broken his silence, but Joel was the only one he spoke with.

For hours he watched footage of their room. He had seen them before, Dr. Morrow needed to get a seance of realization. Thinking it was what he needed to bring him back to reality. The house had disturbed him more than he thought. Sometimes he saw a leg and arm come from the shadows. Red eyes staring at him with that horrible smile of razor sharp teeth. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The dark figure took Edward almost every night. It would get closer to the camera every day smiling. Its face transforming slowly to look like Edward. He did not know what to believe. Was he overworked? Was he dreaming? He wasn’t sure. His heart started to race faster with every passing hour. Which soon turned into days.

Dr. Morrow found himself more obsessed with the boys. He even called detective Barker showing him the videos. He knew Charles would have a rational explanation of what the figure was. He showed the detective glimpses of what he found. Waiting for his reaction to the dark figure.

Detective Barker, felt uneasy sitting with Dr. Morrow. His hair was unkept. It looked like it had been days since he had a decent nights sleep. Charles was worried for his old friend. Turning off the recordings. “I think you need to get some rest.”

Doctor Morrow knew his friend was right. He didn’t know what to believe in anymore. He felt just as crazy as he thought the boys. If the truth in this world seems distant from the story and from what he has seen videos. “I just hope this is in my mind. I feel like I’m asleep, but no matter what I do I can’t wake up.”

He felt a pain on his chest, as if claws ripped deep in him. His heart felt like it was going to stop. He felt overwhelmed. Was he having a heart attack. It hurt. He opened his eyes and saw two red eyes staring at him. He felt his breath leaving his body. He felt a strange sensation come over him. He found himself writing a paper, the release of Joel and Edward. Why was he doing this? He knew this was wrong. He saw the detective being surrounded by another dark force. He had to be dreaming he knew it. Before he knew what was happening Dr. Morrow had woke up in his office, crouched on the keyboard with his face drooling.

He had never been so frightened in his life. He could still feel the coldness of where he had been touched. He could see the darkness around him, the lights burned out. It was three in the morning what some consider to be dead hour. Detective Barker was no were to be found. He laid on his sofa; he didn’t feel like looking at the videos ever again. He knew that he already let Edward and Joel get to him. That morning he had a strange feeling of Déjà vu. He wanted to be in a bed, wanting to go home and rest. He knew he had to check.

The room looked empty, with out checking with a nurse or an orderly. Dr. Morrow ran to the room. Looking inside he thought the room was empty. Hearing a small cry, Edward was in the corner frightened. He saw the eyes. They appeared normal at first then he saw a red glare. He knew the demon was too strong for the Lord’s Prayer, and too strong for him. Edward placed his hand over the doctor’s mouth. The doctor felt completely immobilized. Edwards mouth was full of razor sharp teeth. Dr. Morrow felt the sharp pain dig into his neck. His blood was dripping down his throat. It was warm, the metal taste was fowl.

The last thing the doctor heard was the crunching of his own bones. As he looked to the side he saw a hand underneath the bed. He recognized the body laying underneath the bed it was Edward, he was motionless under his blood. In his last moments he couldn’t believe it is truly the end.

“Doctor Morrow? Doctor Morrow are you all right?” A nurse said. She tried to calm his cries. Dr. Morrow found himself on the floor screaming. Both Joel and Edward staring at him. He was in their room. Two orderly’s standing behind the nurse.

He wasn’t sure what was real. He thought he was dying. He looked under the bed, there was no blood. At that time detective Barker came in with the release papers. Dr. Morrow saw his letterhead reading the note it was his hand writing. He had authorized to release them to the custody of the state. With a doctor to keep an eye on Edward’s mental state. For the first time in his life he felt uneasy to let these boys go. Their was no solid evidence, they would still be watched under the state juvenile facility.

Dr. Morrow needed a break. In a way he wanted to get ride of the boys. They had got to him. Every were he turned he saw that face staring back at him. Those teeth coming closer to his neck. They had an uncle who came down from New York to take care of them. Dr. Morrow had spoke with him a few times over the phone. He learned that if the boys were cleared of the murders, that they would be released to his custody.

Over the weekend Doctor Morrow could not sleep. He woke up every night in sweat and he could feel the sharpness on his neck. He thought it was real and he often thought he might check himself into his own hospital. Or at least going to another city and getting healthy. He decided to take a month’s vacation. One night, he saw a boy stare at him. He woke up from his sleep and found the disfigured creature at the foot of his bed. It’s bright red eyes stared at him. He knew this time it was real. Feeling the coldness more than ever.

“Hello doctor did you miss me?” The figure’s laughter was very unsettling to him. He knew he heard it before on the tapes when Edward disappeared. It was here. It smiled at him with it’s sharp teeth. The doctor felt the cold touch of death on him now, the sound of his flesh being ripped and his bones once more being devoured by the creature. The blood curtailing yell could be heard several houses down the road.


It wasn’t like Charles to question his friends judgement. Especially when it came to a case of this nature. Detective Barker has spent countless hours trying to find anything that would link the boys to the murders. With Edward being out of commission the evidence was not pointing to any solid leads. The top soil under the tree had lead them in a new direction. Someone had buried the bodies after their first sweep of the property. Charles was determined to find out who.

It had been days since the death of Dr. Morrow. Charles took it upon himself to find out who could have killed his friend. The one thought that plagued him was. Had his murder been linked to the Sanders twins. Detective Barker had Joel and Edward under constant surveillance. The security manager at the Juvenal detention center thought it was unnecessary.

It was seeing David’s body that caused Charles to worry. The blood, it haunted his dreams. There wasn’t a moment when he closed his eyes, where he did not see the body. He look in David’s eyes, his hair had turned white from fear. Something he never thought possible. That was until seeing the cuts, missing bones. And the writing. I’ll be seeing you soon.

What did it mean? Who was it addressed to? Charles had to know. This case was driving him crazy. Every lead went to a dead end. The constant feeling of being followed. The red eyes haunting his dreams. That smile. That horrible smile, never moving, always watching. Chomping, grinding, dripping with blood.

After interviewing everyone of David’s neighbors. He discovered the identity of the anonymous phone call. The caller had reported strange sounds coming from the home. A bright blue light, and screams.

It was almost a week since he last set foot in the room. Most of the blood had been collected and cleaned. He had one last chance to collect any potential evidence. The markings on the floor were his main focus. Moving his hands along the path, they looked like David had tried to dig into the floor. The blood path lead under the bed.

The blood along the wall was still marked from the blood spatter expert. All points of origin lead to the bottom of the bed. Standing over the strings he imagined whoever killed David had to be strong to be able to drag him from the window.

Then it hit him. Standing at the foot of the marks he looked out the window. There was nothing but grass. Then he saw it. A small pile of dirt. Fresh top soil, a small black cross in the center. Running down the stairs he stood over the cross. Making sure to wear his gloves he took photo’s of what he found before removing the cross. It was very lose. A single bone was found, one of the missing from his leg. A photo of David and Charles, holding a fish and a beer. Their yearly visit to Mist Lake. David’s face was cut out. His face was covered in blood. Detective Barker saw a black figure in the background. Two red eyes in the shadows. He had seen the photo every week in David’s office. Not once had he ever saw the black figure standing in the woods with its large white teeth smiling at them.

“That’s a nice picture.” The voice sounded familiar. Turning around he saw Edward’s face. But this wasn’t Edward. Its body was disfigured. It’s eyes solid red, teeth like a shark. The pain on his throat, he wasn’t able to scream.

All he could do was hope this was a dream. It wasn’t. All he felt was the cold touch of death. The fear for his wife and new born child. The sound of it’s laugh echoing in his mind. His flesh being ripped from his face. The pain. The darkness.


Racing. The warmth of the blood. The sweet taste of man. It filled the dark creature with pleasure. Its new body started to take shape. Soon it would no longer need to hide in the darkness. It would be free. Free to wander the land. Free to taste the pain, and fear of all it came across. After being locked in that house for over sixty years.

It felt good to be in the sun. Breaking every mirror it came across in Dr. Morrow’s house. It feed on detective Barker’s body. Its face changing shape once more. Why take on the form of a boy. When you can have the body of a man of respect. A man who could go anywhere. A man who everyday see’s pain, suffering, fear, anger, and death.

It’s own reflection in the window was more than what it needed to see it’s new form. It needed more. Someone who knew of it’s existence. Two who could prove a threat if they convinced someone of what they saw.

Using the last of detective Barker’s blood. The creature drew a small image of two boys. Sitting in a room. Both soon to be dead by his new hands. He felt a sharp pain in his stomach. All he could see was their basement. The reflection of it’s old form filled its mind. He had to burn its former prison. No more salt, no more sage.

No more mirror’s, no more time. Darkness will come to one and all.

Waiting outside the juvenile detention center, it waited. Trying to hold back it’s smile.

He wanted to attack Edward and Joel the moment he saw them. After all these years, he could wait one more day. Letting them sleep or sweat things.

It loved to play with its food. Making them think, wonder what reality truly is. Is it in the mind or in the heart. The better the fear the more enjoyed the flesh.

To hide his new secret he had to kill them both.

“Detective Barker! We didn’t know you were coming to pick us up.” Joel said.

Trying to sound calm it spoke. “Yes, me and my wife want you to stay with us. Before he passed Dr. Morrow thought it was best that you two be cared for by a loving family. Besides the evidence is looking good in, your favor.”

The dark creature tried to hid its smile. Joel and Edward sat in the car. For the first time Joel felt he and his brother were safe.

The creature liked the idea of being a police officer. He wanted destruction. It, had it all planned out. After a few days it would kill Edward. Than detective Barker’s wife and child. Leaving Joel to take the blame. While Joel sat in the cell declaring his innocence. He could visit him at night torturing him. Giving false hope. That’s what the dark creature liked most. It’s mouth watered at the idea of taking the live of an innocent new born child.

Time, that’s all it needed was time. Darkness has come, Edward. For you and your brother.