Tale of Boulderoth is an action packed, crazy train that will take you on a high speed, high intensity thrill ride through a rich world full of strange creatures, powerful kingdoms, magic, politics, a cute dog or two, romance, intrigue; it’s got everything.

I’m Nick. For the last twenty years I’ve been writing and telling stories. My first creation was a two page epic I penned in first grade about a battle between King Kong and Dracula. Who won? You’ll have to wait for the movie to find out. The world I’ve forged has been heated in the fires of a thousand suns, quenched in the icy waters of the valleys of neptune, and beaten into shape by comets. This series tells the tale of peoples and empires and and enemies all coming and going and rising and crumbling and sautéing. It combines the the high fantasy elements found in Westeros, Middle Earth or Narnia, but with a Tarantino-esque soundtrack of surf rock and spaghetti western themes.

A passion project of mine since I was thirteen, the series follows Jerig on his quest to become an Imperial Cavalier. At his side he is joined by his close friends, Spart, the twins: Cristus and Aelia , Sera, and her dog. As they fumble their way toward their careers in the Imperial Service, ancient enemies loom on the western horizon, bringing with them a storm of vengeance that will test the last bastions of imperial power. To the north, a wise Sultan is confronted by growing tensions among his people. Further north, the the royal chemists of the Ranger King of the Dwarves make a discovery with incendiary implications. In the east, barbarian tribes taunt the legions as they defend what remains of their empire.

Tale of Boulderoth promises laughs, cries and "Holy shit!"s. It will warm your heart and send chills down your spine. It’ll get you right in "the feels". It will transport you to old stone cities, dwarven metropoles buried in the mountains, elven monasteries built on high mountain peaks and so much more.