Amaara is forced into a savage tradition in which she is to consummate her arranged marriage to Koru Strongheart, before the wedding, while being monitored by the prince’s personal guards, and must suffer an inspection afterwards to ensure everything… is in order.

After receiving a gift from the Strongheart family, she is attacked by a group of bandits that call themselves the Eight Golden Rings. Amaara is shredded by the blast of cannon wreckage and dies. The gift she was holding raises her from the dead. The bandits take her and all other surviving women, and only the women, to the island of darkness and imprison them in an arena. The arena houses savage death matches between female prisoners. She learns about an ancient magic that can be accessed through a process of meditation called embering. She practices and discovers that the gift that raised her from the dead makes the process easier for her. Embering allows her to communicate with her faerie godmother, and with practice, allows her to pull energy from one attribute, like agility, and place it in another, like strength: doubling her strength but crippling her agility.

Amaara escapes the arena and gets back to the palace. Irnini, her aunt and acting queen, exposes Amaara’s undead state to the royal court. Amaara is denounced as Queen and ordered to face execution to resolve her unholy state of existence. The betrayal reveals that the leader of the Eight Golden Rings, the self-proclaimed Black Queen, is behind everything and is working with Irnini. Turns out, the Black Queen has been after the gift given to Amaara all along and didn’t know until recently that it had been stuck to Amaara’s back. Along the way, Amaara builds a relationship with her faerie godmother through embering and learns that the Black Queen is working with her own Faerie Godmother to achieve an unknown but nefarious goal.

Amaara is eventually captured again and sent back to the island of darkness and back to the arena. The Black Queen torments and tortures Amaara for several days as well as all the other prisoners, exploiting her inability to die. She kills Amaara, for all to see, and uses the gift to raise her from the dead, only to repeat the process. Amaara finally escapes her bonds by mastering the embering process. Amaara and the Black Queen are forced to square off in a battle of embering skill and combat. After she defeats and kills the Black Queen, an opening is torn between the physical realm and the fae, allowing the Black Queen’s Faerie Godmother access. The faerie captures Amaara’s Faerie, Naom, and resurrects the Black Queen. They plan to find Amaara and take the gift from her.

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