Partial Book


*Each page of the book is a full color photo and storyline...please note, the final version may vary slightly from photos used below!

Hi! I’m T-bear - that’s short for Tiny Bear. I’m a very tiny bear in a big, BIG world, but I love my life and I have lots of fun!

I often dream that I can fly, so one day I decided to try!

I tried a shiny red balloon, but didn’t want to reach the moon!

I have lots of friends who fly, so I asked them all what I should try.

"To fly, you must go way up high!" said beautiful Bella the Butterfly.

"Bears can’t fly, so please don’t try!" said Daniel the really smart Dragonfly.

"It helps to be tiny!" said Ladybug Larry.

"You need some wings!" said Hummingbird Harry.

I  asked the June-bugs "What should I  do?"

"Oh, silly T-bear, flying’s not for you!"

Harry said I needed wings and Bella said to go up high...

Finally, I  thought, now I  will fly!

But suddenly bumblebees Billy and Bo tackled me shouting "No, T-bear, NO!"

*End of partial book...the final version includes six more pages that have T-bear realizing he can’t fly like his friends do, being sad about it, then getting a surprise and finally flying, the way a teddy bear (or a person) is supposed to fly!