I have always loved teddy bears, reading, writing, and photography, so my T-bear books were destined to happen!  "T-bear Wants to Fly" is T-bear’s first story book ~ his other books are about colors, counting, and the alphabet! This story came to life after countless photos of T-bear and his many flying friends, from bumblebees to hummingbirds. It is a simple tale about the realization that we are all different but unique in our own way, and that sometimes you have to find another way to do what you desire. 

I am a mom, wife, Air Force retiree/now Army civilian, lifelong reader and photographer living in Huntsville, Alabama. I have dreamed of being an author since I was a little girl playing with teddy bears!  After some not-so-successful efforts with self-published e-books, I heard about Inkshares ~ and like T-bear, I am trying a different way of doing things!  Thank YOU, readers and buyers, for your support of T-bear and my little dream! 

 ~Kristin Clark           (see more of T-bear on Facebook/LIFEOFTBEAR)