My wonderful supporters...

I’m disappointed to be telling you that I’ve cancelled the funding project for T-bear as it was clear early on that I was never going to reach a goal of 750 pre-sales on Inkshares. While I appreciated the many followers/fellow Inkshares authors, I don’t read Science Fiction/Space Opera books so I was not going to buy their $10-15 book then hope they would buy my $30 childrens’ book in return.  And the majority of books on Inkshares are in the two genres above so I had little hope of random visitors seeing or buying T-bear’s book.  I only had 2 non-Inkshares orders (just 4 total) and those were immediate family, even after weeks of pushing it heavily on social media & by word-of-mouth. I will just have to find  another way to get T-bear published! You can follow LIFEOFTBEAR on Facebook for updates! 

Thanks again for your support and best of luck with YOUR projects! 

Vr ~ Kristin

Well, I finally did it!  After many edits and alot of research, I clicked that green LAUNCH button and "T-bear Wants to Fly" is now much closer to becoming a real published book!  I want to thank every one of you who initially followed my little project & motivated me, but special thanks to Billy O’Keefe for his encouraging review and helpful advice while I was uploading my first draft, and to Sam Trull and her sloths ~ her incredible book bursting with wonderful words and beautiful photos combined to tell a touching story was my final inspiration to trust Inkshares to help make my dream come true! I am beyond excited to see where this journey leads me and T-bear!  Gratefully yours ~ Kristin Clark