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About Sync City

In the early twenty-first century catastrophe strikes, shattering the Earth’s timelines and leaving in its wake a bleak, post-apocalyptic future. The world realigns. With past and future fractured, communities desperately cluster together for protection from marauding War Clans and predatory Scythers. Humanity is under attack from the worst enemy it’s ever faced: humankind itself. In this climate of terror, a new breed of enforcer is needed―the Keepers.

Ex-soldier and ex-cop, hard-drinking Keeper Jack Trevayne is armed, surly, and vulgar. Equipped with his sentient motorbike, he is the only one who can protect humanity while keeping the timelines clean. He has the skills and he has the attitude. But he’d just rather have a beer.

The future is complicated―Jack is not.

About me

I’m a sci-fi lover, motorbike rider, darts player, soju drinker and T-shirt designer, as well as being an English professor at a university in South Korea. I grew up in Perth, Western Australia. I’ve traveled much of the world and done a variety of jobs along the way, including sales support at an insurance company, laborer on the building sites of London and Melbourne, chauffeur/”minder” for an English Lord, and business English consultant in Shanghai. Sync City was inspired by a tour of the synchrotron at the University of Saskatchewan, in Saskatoon, Canada, and the question of what would happen if something went horribly wrong. Korean culture also enters the mix. I live with my Canadian wife in Seoul, and have done so since 1999. There is no synchrotron in Seoul, though there’s plenty of soju!

You can find me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/peterryanauthor/

or at www.synccityjack.com