Peter Ryan's latest update for Sync City

Feb 10, 2017

Greeting Jackolytes,

Sync City’s final manuscript and cover have landed with the printers, and events are proceeding nicely. The official publication date for Sync City is February 28th, and, for those of you that pre-ordered the paperback version, they should ship on or around that date (or maybe even earlier – stranger things have happened). With this in mind, it’d be a mighty fine idea to make sure you have your correct earth-based address with Inkshares (especially if you have moved), so this compelling novel of man and machine can cruise unimpeded through the labyrinth of the international postal system.

If you are now thinking, yes, a paperback of time-fractured death and destruction is exactly what I need to see off the dregs of winter, then you can pre-order at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Book Depository, as well as many other fine online bookstores. It would also make a lovely, belated Valentine’s Day gift …

The ebook, which obviously has no postal issues to deal with, is still available for the limbo low price of $5.99 at Inkshares.

Stay tuned!