Hello everyone! I am Shannon. =) I have wanted to be a teacher and a writer since the third grade and my dream has never wavered since then!

The idea for Sweet Torture came to me a long time ago when I was writing a final story for one of the many English classes I have taken. I have always loved the vampire story, but I knew that I wanted (and needed) to add something different to it. That was where I came up with the idea of Drake not liking the fact that he was a vampire and not wanting to drink human blood. You always hear the tales of people loving the fact that they are a vampire with all this power, especially over the human race. Therefore I thought it would be interesting to tell the tale from a different point of view. What happens if Drake rejects the vampire life and is punished for it? I really thought that would make for a good story with lots of conflict!

I also added the fact that if a vampire does not use his vampiric powers, he/she loses them. They are very much like a muscle in that you have to constantly use them or the powers weaken and might even go away.

Anyways, I love my characters and am having a great time expanding on their story. This started out as an 18 page short story, turned into a 40 page short story and is now on it’s way to a 100+ page novella. Who knows where Drake and Valentine will take us!

Thanks, again, for all the support and any feedback! I love any constructive criticism and love hearing any ideas! I am currently working on adding more detail to my current chapters as well, but wanted to post at least one chapter so that everyone can get a preview of the story and the characters! =)

Happy reading and happy writing!