Hello hello!

I know I haven’t been on here for a long time, but I was waiting for my campaign to end! So it has officially ended! So now that I am not too worried about selling pre-orders yet, I can focus more on making the story better and gaining more of a fan base! Luckily, with the way Inkshares is run, whenever I am ready to start selling pre-orders again, I can! So now is the time to really start getting people excited about it and telling their friends and family and what not! 
First I will re-write some stuff. Second I will have my friend draw a cover for it. Third, sell sell sell! So if you guys like my story so far, please send the word along! I am hoping to start the pre-order thing again by the end of March, beginning of April! We will see what happens!

Also, welcome to all my new followers! I am so grateful to all of you and to everyone who has stayed following me and my story through all this! I really hope to start making more progress. I am currently looking for a new job, but while I have my part time job I will focus more on writing (especially after my daughter has gone to bed!) I love my story and think that it adds something new to the vampire world, so here’s to hoping more people will see that! It will definitely help that I now know the process and can focus more on giveaways and promotions and what not! 

Also also, thank you to everyone that did pre-order the first time! It was so exciting to see my story trending at one point! I mean- come on! That’s amazing! I cannot thank you guys enough! Stick with me and you will be able to pre-order again in the upcoming months!! 
Love to all and thanks again!!

Hello everyone!

So I know this is way late and all that, but I have just been doing a lot of thinking and didn't want to post until I had figured everything out! =) 

So here is what is going on! When I first started this project, pretty much everything in my life went a little crazy, and not the good kind of crazy. So lots of ups, mostly downs, which did not leave a lot of time for writing and updating and promoting, all that jazz. I really tried with my posts and I really tried to be optimistic, but things just weren't really working for me. Because of that, my campaign is almost at an end and I only have 7 pre-orders (which I will forever be grateful for!!!) With all that said, here is my plan: 
I am going to let this campaign run it's course. There are about 3 weeks left and I am just going to let it be so I can mostly work on getting my life back in order. Once this ends, I will see where things are in my life and go from there. I am really hoping that, by that time, I will be at a point in my life where I am able to focus more on writing and on a new campaign. I will be able to promote and bug people and offer great gifts to people who pre-order, all that stuff!

So anyways, I am not sure what happens when a campaign ends and the pre-order isn't met, but hopefully I can just start over with the same stuff once I am ready!

I can never express just how grateful I am to everyone that followed me and my story and to those that pre-ordered! My story was trending at one point on this site, and that was probably the best thing that happened in December! So thank you thank you so much everyone!!
And keep your eyes and ears open… Sweet Torture will be back one day! =D

Hello, all! 

This will just be a quick update. Life has been a bit of a roller coaster, so not much has progressed on the writing end of things... :/ 

However, my family and I are going on vacation next week so hopefully that'll refresh me! I'll also work on editing the first chapter and see if I can improve for my update next week! 

So happy new year! Thanks for following! See you next week... 💗

Yay it's Tuesday and I'm sending an update! So far so good! Ha

As always, welcome to my new followers and readers! And thank you for the new orders! We are up to 9 now! Woo!! 

I talked to my friend and she said she would totally do art commissions for me as incentives for people ordering my book, so yay! She is also going to draw the cover for me once she is able to! I'm posting this from my phone, so I don't have access at the moment, but tomorrow I will post links to her art, just so you can take a look! 

I am also going to re-work my first three chapters to see if I can make them even better! Once I get to 40 followers, I'll post one more chapter, then will move on to other incentives from there! 

Thanks so much for the support! I hope everyone had  a wonderful holiday season! Happy New Years!! 😘

Hello hello!

And welcome to my new followers! Yay! I love you all! =D
So, as promised, since I have ten new followers and "Sweet Torture" has 7 new followers, I will post the next chapter! Yay! I hope everyone enjoys and, of course, any feedback or reviews are always welcome! 
Also- now that the holidays are almost over and things in my personal life have calmed down a bit, I am going to get better at updating and promoting! I want to try and do more than just posting chapters, so my best friend is an artist, so I am going to see if she can do some art for me that I can start giving away to my followers! 
I will try and think of other giveaways, as well, so stay tuned!
Also also- I know I need to stick to a schedule so that I can get better at this whole -promoting- thing, so I am going to see if I can do an update every Tuesday now. I will even set an alarm for myself! If I can do that, I may just reach my goal! 

So thank you, again, everyone, for the follows!! I am very grateful to everyone and cannot reach my goal (dream) without you guys! 
Happy happy holidays! 

Stay tuned for the next ST chapter!!

Happy review-a-thon!! Hope everyone has fun today and reviews some great books! And if you happen to review Sweet Torture, I appreciate it!! =D

Welcome to my couple of new followers and thank you!! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and happy reviewing!

Hello everyone! Happy Friday!

So… I know… once again a lack of updates. Sadly, I had a lot of really bad personal stuff happen all at once, so my writing sort of went to the wayside… With the holidays almost over, though, and things settling down in my personal life, hopeful I can get back to campaigning. I need to take a page from Tony Valdez's book, because he is really good at it! Go check out his book (Dax Harrison)… He is so close to meeting his goal and his book is pretty awesome (as a personal friend of his, I have basically read the whole thing and I loved it!) 

So anyways, if you have not heard about the review-a-thon tomorrow, here is some info about it:

On December 19th, all authors and readers are invited to leave reviews on currently funding Inkshares books using the Inkshares "leave a review" option. 

 Throughout the day we'll be hanging out on Twitter in the #InksharesReviews tag as we share our favorite book projects, answer author Q&As, debate the merits of astronauts with swords versus cavemen with lasers, and more! 

Then, from 3 - 5pm PST (6 - 8pm Eastern), JF Dubeau and Paul Inman of the WriteBrain Podcast will be hosting a video livestream filled with author interviews, review readings, and live announcements of prize winners! 

Prizes?!?! Everyone who leaves a review on December 19th by 3pm PST (6pm Eastern) will be eligible to win one of our fantastic general prizes: 

Sword & Laser Contest Winners Package - print copies of the six winning books from the Sword & Laser Inkshares contest! 

Nerdist Contest Winners Package - print copies of the five winning books from the Nerdist Inkshares contest! An immediate pre-order of the book of their choice for five winners! $30 in Inkshares credits! 

Readers: Peruse the "currently funding" books on Inkshares and leave as many reviews as you want on Dec 19th. You could even start up a "must-have" list of books to order in case you win a free pre-order or the $30 in credits! 

 Authors: Join our review exchange to leave three reviews in exchange for two guaranteed reviews on your Inkshares project and a chance at author-exclusive prizes! Email AC Weston at cara.c.weston@gmail.com to learn more and get on the list.

So everyone have fun tomorrow leaving reviews up the wazoo! =D Any reviews on my book would be great and I will do my best to return the favor! I should have an hour or two of free time tomorrow morning, so I will see what I can do!

As always, thanks everyone for all the support and patience! I love all my followers and am working on Chapter 3, so when I get 10 more followers, I will post the next chapter!

PS. I have 48 days left! Because of everything that has been happening, I don't know if I am put enough effort to get to my publishing goal, but any little bit helps! So if you like my story so far, spread the word!

Thanks everyone! Much love and happy holidays!!

Well... that was fast! Ha... 

Thanks to everyone and to all my new followers! Because I reached the 20 mark, I uploaded a new chapter! =D Hope everyone enjoys! And also, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday with friends and family and food! 
Once I get to 40 followers, I will upload Chapter 3!

Thanks again everyone!!!!

Hello, everyone! 

So I know I haven't updated in a while, but as the saying goes, life got in the way. My daughter (who is only 15 months) got chicken pox, then I got sick immediately after... so all in all, the last few weeks were not fun at all!
Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you, to everyone, that has been following me and my story! And welcome to all the new followers! I appreciate each and every one of you and appreciate your patience! We are all writers on here and we all know how life is and can be, so just thank you again to everyone for following me and my story and for hanging in there!
I have been editing the second chapter, so once I get 20 followers I will update the new chapter! I am thinking that every 20 followers I get, I will post another chapter, and hopefully this will lead to more people pre-ordering!
And, as I am sure you all know by now, the pre-ordering system as changed! You can now pre-order an e-book for only $10, or still go for the paperback or even the extra super special edition and get three copies!
I have 74 days left in my campaign, so please spread the word and let's get some pre-orders in!
Thanks again everyone!!! 

All, thank you for the support. Things have been progressing well... I am still in the editing stages and trying to get my last few chapters complete. This is the first long project I have done, so it has taken some getting used to! Anyways, I am going to post the first chapter soon, so at least you can get a preview of the story and see what you think! 

Thanks so much for the support and for following my project! It has been my baby for a while and I just hope everyone enjoys it! =D