Ravi Rodriguez is a seventh-grade comic book fan and self-described Guardian of Geekdom. At first, he’s psyched to discover his seven month-old step-sister can control her electromagnetic field. He starts using her ability to help people, only to find himself clashing with Internet trolls, the department of Homeland Security, and even his own family. At least no one knows his true identity – for now.

But when Ravi realizes baby Val’s powers were engineered by someone, he and his parents set off on a dangerous mission to unmask the villain and bring them to justice, hopefully by naptime.

SUPERKID is a 61,600-word comedic novel that examines the challenges of dealing with a new sibling, and also gets to poke fun at the superhero genre. It is the first in a proposed series that will follow the fun, epic adventures of the world’s first infant superhero, and her beleaguered sidekick/big brother. SUPERKID will appeal to fans of James Patterson, Shannon Hale, and anyone who ever wondered what happens when Spider-man gets the flu.


I have been writing since I was middle grader myself. In 2001, I graduated from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts with an MFA in Film Production. I have sold and optioned screenplays to production companies, and my work has received accolades from the FOX Comedy Script Contest, the Austin Film Festival, and the prestigious Nicholl Fellowships. I have also written articles for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Akron Beacon-Journal, and the textbook Elements of Literature. My debut novel SORCERY FOR BEGINNERS is currently in the Top Ten of the Geek and Sundry Contest:


Last year, I wrote and co-directed a short film for YouTube based on some of my ideas for SUPERKID, which you can watch above. To date, it has received over 2 million views. Thanks for taking a look, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts!