My passion has always been to write. I have been writing stories since I was about 9. I also write short stories and poems. But I mainly want to write fiction novels because I have a huge imagination!

My dad said that if I love to write so much, then I should actually sit down and write something. So I started writing, everyday during and after school for two years. And so I finished my first book. I always have ideas coming to me like it was nothing. Sometimes I get an idea from personal life experiences and other times from things people talk about that spark something in my mind.

My only problem with this book, is that I cannot find my own errors. I feel it’s a bit too journal-esque. Like day to day things that aren’t necessary to the plot, the story. And no matter how many times I re-read my book, I can’t seem to find my own mistakes. Whether as simple as spelling and grammar, to something as serious as me just writing to fill space. That’s why I need an editor so bad.