There is something hidden on Earth that could change the fate of two worlds. There’s also a secret so immense it’s worth killing and dying for. A small group of Freedom Fighters must change the fate of their own world, by coming to ours...but at what cost?

Suffrage is a quick paced sci fi adventure about the right to control your own destiny and the lengths people will go in search of that elusive goal against impossible odds.

Suffrage noun

- The right or chance to express an opinion or participate in a decision.

Who are we? - I’m Julian, Jay or Jules to friends and family. The international man of mystery is Finn McRae. Both fueled by beer, of the Australian and American varieties, we have long been players and storytellers of Role Playing Games. Eventually I tired of playing in other people worlds and started to build my own.

Where did the idea come from? - It’s been kicking around in my head for about five years and I made it into a game on a PBP (Play By Post) website. The game died, but the core idea’s stuck around. It was this itch I couldn’t scratch and the story just wanted, no needed, to be told. You can thank three friends for giving me the nudge I needed to actually write down an outline, which has snowballed from there. Finn joined me in my madness. Pity him.

How you can help? - Tell people and pre-order. If you like what has been written so far we need fans to back the project. We’ll be doing everything we can, asking people to blog about the book, learning about social media, and pressing that pitch button until our fingers bleed.