Dave Barrett
Tight, clean, descriptive writing from the get-go.  Interesting characters, and dimensional travel is always a great source for a story.  I'm feeling Buckaroo Banzai being channeled in here, and it's wonderful.  I'm really looking forward to seeing the final product!
Romero Russo
Aliens? Clones? Time travelers? Quick paced story with a classic scifi feel, Suffrage - The First World Key might just turn out to be Forever Plaid Plus One, Searching for the Perfect Key.
Began reading tonight.  Wasn't what I expected, I afraid. . . .I expected an 'other-worldly star wars kind of pitch', entertaining and well written.   But what I found was more.  The descriptions of scenes and characters make them come to life in my imagination as I read that I didn't expect.  The language has a way of articulating the reality in a manner that makes it stick.  It is extremely engaging, and I find myself often stopping and backing up to read the descriptive phrases the caress each part of the story line.   Very, very well done!   I'm looking forward to continuing the read!
I like what I've read so far! Looking forward to reading more.
Yicheng Liu
This book is an interesting read. It has all the elements of a good scifi. The writing sharp and clear, bringing out some very interesting perspectives. I highly recommend this book for all lovers of good, strong scifi!
Stephen Carignan
The prologue to this work is certainly full of mystery to keep the pages turning, the only real problem is -- it is much too short! There simply needs to be more of this story for my eye holes to absorb! In fact, the story is so engaging, it causes me to overuse exclamation points!
Craig Munro
I'm hooked. Julian Green and Finn Mcrae's particular brand of SciFi  is not only believable, but it's damn cool! You seriously have to check it out!
Romero Russo
Here's a fellow traveler, tryin' to write a book. Like most of us (well, maybe not Barsotti and Linville) he could use some encouragement and advice. Check out Suffrage - The First World Key. Go ahead, do it now.
Julian Green and Finn Mcrae
I suddenly realized i hadn't recommended the book. So all those people who have already ordered, we haven't received credits for. Give me the Derp award. Update Shortly.