Sub-illusions presents:Lucifer’s Redemption Is the first in what I hope to be an epic Graphic novel series in the Sub-Illusions universe. Sub-Illusions are the thing few people see, and even fewer Fully understand. Lucifer’s redemption Poses the question .What if everything you thought you knew about the The Devil Lucifer is wrong? Save for his roll as the ultimate necessary evil. Is it to test, or tempt man.? Be mainlands scape goat, or their opportunity to own up to their faults. Learn of the Hell that Lucifer himself must endure to regain his grace for the ultimate good.Check out the scripts for the first two parts/Issues on the page below. Follow the links in the comic section to see a preview of part one of the book below!

  • I’m an aspiring comic book creator with a year of training from the Joe Kubet school of Cartooning and graphic art. I;m a proud nerd through and through. I love pop culture, video games, doctor who, but am primarily of the comic book nerd variety
  • I’ve loved comics since I was in 3rd grade, and wanted to create a world as rich and intricate your marvels, DC, and image. So I started in highschool, and kept adding to the story, and finally may had the opportunity to share it with the world, and leave something awesome for my kids, and those who love our new mythology of comic book heros, and in its current form I turn upside down the idea of right and wrong, and shine a light on the grey area that is the First Devil Lucifer Path to redemption.
  • Please support the book by sharing with your friends. Those who know me and my art know that I plan on nothing less than the best for thee characters, and the story they inhabit. And pre order!!!! You won’t be disappointed!!!! Concept art by the awesome Robert Nugent.

If you have any additional questions about this or any other part of the draft setup process, email us at #graphicnovel #indipendantcomic #comicbook #thedevil #lucifer #nerdist #crowdfunding