I just wanted to say thanks to all my new followers. here's some concept art from the book that I drew almost 8 years ago. showing a little how long I've been working on this. so all your support means the world to me. spread the word, and Pre- Order!

Here's more concept art featuring one of the main characters Ruth.Go PRE-ORDER  if you haven't already, spread the word, and Stay tuned!

character sketch. chapter 2 Ruth

. heres a page one preview if you haven't seen it yet

Hey everyone. 1st thank you for your support. It means the world to me. This book is litteraly my life long dream. I have a few rewards in mind which as it stands you all will be privy to, at least most of them. One specific one I have in mind I may have to reserve for a contest. This has been a long but good first week. Please spread the word, and let me know any feed back or suggestions you may have. This world I'm creating is for you the people.  Also I've updated he current cover of the book, which I'll probably do a few times through this contest/pre order campaign.

Thanks again

Stay tuned!!

Thanks everyone!We Got More Pre Order ins and we're off to a great start. Spread the word, and stay tuned for updates, including scripts, and artwork. Featured on my page you'll find the draft for part/chapter 2, and things are really heating up! but not how you think. Enjoy!!

I've updated the page . Read Issue one, part one script, part two added and will be featured soon. Also in the comment section are links to concept art and sample pages of part one of the Graphic novel. Enjoy!!