Strange Reflections is first and foremost a story about truth, legacy, and uncovering the hidden power of what we see when we look in the mirror. 

The story centers around Amanda, a Veteran with PTSD who we meet revealing a reoccurring nightmare she’s been having. So after she inherits a house from her strange uncle, only to find that hidden within its depths is a strange maze of mirrors, one that she’s seen somewhere before.

I wrote this novel thinking of an experience I had as a kid in a maze of mirrors, right after seeing the third poltergeist movie. I remembered that not only was the encounter creepy as hell (it was called the funhouse of mirrors but it didn’t seem fun to me at all) but the experience was strange and disorienting. We are a culture so fixated on the way we look, and when surrounded on all sides by mirrors, it’s hard to know what to think in feel, and maybe, just like Amanda, something can be revealed if we look long enough out of the corner of our eye. 

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