This new MS is a bit of a departure for me. I’ve typically written dark/urban fantasy but this story has been rattling around my head for a while. So, I figured it was about time to turn it loose. So far, I’m pleased with the direction but I would love to get feedback on my chapters if you’re so inclined too leave comments.

What I really like about this story--and what I hope comes through int he final product--are that good people sometimes make bad/dumb/stupid decisions. You don’t have to be a "bad person" if you make a bad decision, but you do have to live with the consequences.

I did initially enter it in the 2020 Launchpad Manuscript Competition where it made the Top 100 List.

About Stone Heart:

Everyone has regrets: Chances we never took. Decisions we waited too long to make. Relationships we were too afraid to pursue. These regrets are subsumed over time, ignored, buried, left in the shadows to wither and die. But regrets can never be buried deep enough, and they have a nasty habit of clawing their way back to the surface.

Lauren Stone is no stranger to walling off regrets and hoping they’ll disappear over time. Lead singer of the hard rock band The Kingmakers (and recovering addict), Lauren struggles to break through her nearly crippling writer’s block as the band heads to New York—where Lauren grew up—to produce their new album.

Once there, Lauren is confronted by the realization that she’s been burying the strong feelings she still has for her ex-boyfriend, Danny Padovano. Lauren ignores her feelings as she continues to struggle with her writer’s block, confident that she won’t cross paths with her ex. But a surprise publicity stunt brings Lauren face-to-face with Danny—and his wife, Heather. The two ex-lovers resist the attraction between them, but are inexorably drawn back into each other’s orbits, putting additional pressure on Danny’s already strained marriage.