A time of reckoning has come for Warick’s rivals. With his discovery of the Engine Halls and their latent control mechanisms, the waning power of the Navigator Council and the Academy from which he was disgraced will finally be snuffed out. For Warick, his purpose has never been more clear- the message of the halls must be brought to the people of the ship’s vast and many Holds, from which all light and true power stems.

For Lyn, the newly appointed Navigator presiding over the Holds, the Council and its proceedings seem as twisted and impenetrable as the ship’s own dark and abandoned tunnels. Plots and power shift beneath her feet, and she must gain the trust of the Holds and their chiefs before a blade finds a home in her spine.

For Professor Soro, Navigator and scion for the Academy, the future has never been more uncertain. A new Headmaster brings strange ideas on the shape and structure of their teachings, and his former friend’s major discovery refuses to be ignored. In a place where all knowledge of their home and history lies buried in the darkness below, Soro knows his grip on this remnant of reason is beginning to loosen.

Stellar Drift is an upcoming sci-fi/horror novel with dashes of political intrigue and a tight, character-driven plot set in a labyrinthine starship, where the struggle over control and the ultimate Destination will set the course for a lost and drifting civilization.