A Letter from the Navigator Council reads...

Hey everyone, things are wrapping up here and I wanted to send out a final thank you and postmortem message on the contest and Stellar Drift.

Going into this I didn’t think I would get as much response as it did, and I took a crack thinking ’why not?’ It was great to see the support from everyone and the book garnered more pre-orders than I figured. Thanks to everyone who chipped in, the book hit the top 5 spots pretty earlier, but there were some strong contenders and unfortunately it didn’t make it into those top 3 spots. The whole thing has been a good dry run on marketing and networking within this space and it certainly won’t be the last time you have to put up with me hawking my material all over the place...

For Stellar Drift, the plan going forward looks like this- I’m wrapping up some final details on it now, winding down the chapters I have and picking at edits here and there. The entire manuscript is going to be sealed away into a drawer somewhere where it will cook for a few months in my head. It will definitely rise again, I am way too caught up in the characters and setting to ever let it go. At that time I’ll put on another coat of paint, maybe fix up the trimmings and do some reshingling. From there I’ll be querying it around to some agents and hopefully land who one is interested enough to get it to market. So you certainly haven’t seen the last of this ever evolving /thing/. 

As for now, if you’re interested in hearing about it again, or checking out some of my other work coming out in the next few months, you can follow me on these accounts:

Follow me on twitter over here: https://twitter.com/great_void
Add me on Facebook right here: https://www.facebook.com/arstpierre
And check out my overall portfolio here: https://arstp.com/about/

What you can expect to see from me in the coming months:

-zine publication ripe with short fiction and some visual art
-short fiction publication in magazines, I have a few pieces being shopped around right now
-other smaller projects that will pop up here and there in various forms, most of which will probably be promoted through the twitter account

That’s what I got for now. Thank you so, so much again to everyone who chipped in, I do believe you’ll be receiving a refund as Stellar Drift fades from his site. 

As always, if you are another writer and want to connect, swap work, and sharp advice, feel free to drop me a line on any of the above accounts.

See you soon . . .

A Letter from the Navigator Council reads...

Hey everyone, a second update coming along to let everyone know Stellar Drift has hit 31 unique orders and is within spitting distant of the top spots! 

I can’t say thank-you enough to everyone who has pre-ordered. I’m confident we can drive this thing into the top 3 and make it a real thing you can hold and read in your hands. It would be a big dream of mine to get it to you, so hopefully this next month we can push it through to the finish line.

That said, if you know anyone with a passing interest in sci-fi, horror, or just likes a good read, pass along the link below! Now in convenient tinyurl format:


They can use that link to access the book page and make a pre-order. Every single order counts in a big way at this point, so any help would mean I owe you favors for life.

Beyond that, I am following through on my previous promise. Stellar Drift Chapter 3, entitled The Navigator Council, will be going up on the page before the end of the week and I’ll update again when it’s there. 

If we can 45 unique pre-orders, I’ll continue with the slow rollout and post Chapter 4, entitled "The Fortress", which is from Professor Soro’s perspective and touches on the inner Academy and introduces us to the new Headmaster, who will be causing plenty of problems for our characters in the near future. 

Beyond THAT, I had an interview about Stellar Drift and sci-fi in general with Bryan Aiello for his Stories on Creativity series, which you can check out here: 

It was a great conversation and I tend to jump on chance to go on at length about sci-fi topics.

That’s it for now. Do pass along the link and hopefully we can hit that next big goal of 45!

Thanks again!

A Letter from the Navigator Council reads....

Hey everyone, thanks for following and checking out my work on Stellar Drift. It’s been really exciting to see all the support and the book has received more pre-orders than I really thought it would. Already sitting at 8th place in the Inkshares Horror contest and rising! Tell your family, tell your friends, tell your pets.

I’ve gone ahead and uploaded the 2nd chapter, entitled The Holds. It introduces another really important character, Lyn, and provides some background on her and the larger community that the ship houses. Warick and Lyn’s stories are intertwined and very important to the book, so I hope you enjoy what you read.

The plan is upload new chapters with every 15 pre-orders, so if we can break 30 pre-orders I will upload chapter 3, entitled The Navigator Council, where Warick visits a Council meeting and we get our first glimpse at the Council itself and how it operates.

Beyond that, all I can say is thank you again for the support and I really hope we can get this thing to the top and into your hands. If you like what you see, you can follow me on twitter @great_void, and check out some of my other short fiction over here: https://medium.com/@ultravoid

Onwards and upwards!