’Stealing’ life is a book trying to arrange the vivid, mad and bad moments in youth against the backdrop of an adult life - work...escape...work...escape.

The book is also trying to show this whole trip called ’life’ as what it truly is - a journey from youth onward. Here I have included three micro trips Russia, Lebanon and the Balkans, each meeting people who are doing their best to just fuckin live the best they can. Stealing a bit of sweet life along the way - be they street children, lonely businessmen, refugees fleeing war, or other travellers.

YOU, the reader, can help me crystalize my text, improve the flow of the book, and give justice to real life for a change. You can do this in the discussions and reviews section for ’Stealing Life’ here in Inkshares!

Some chapters are up now! More are ready for upload soon. All your comments and opinions on the text will help make this one hell of a journey for both me the writer and you the reader to get behind!

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