Hey There Tentacle Lovers!

A fresh rewrite of my video-game playing octopus story "Squids In" will be coming to Inkshares soon, so make sure you keep following the project on Inkshares - https://www.inkshares.com/books/squids-in


Good news to all those "Squids In" fans out there, the project may be given a new lease of life. More details to follow soon :D

Well guys, that’s it. SQUIDS IN has failed to reach its publication goal! 

The good news is that every single person who supported this project by throwing down some cold hard cash will get it ALL back. That’s right, every last penny will be refunded to you at somepoint over the next couple of days.

Although the book will remain forever unpublished, I will be eternally grateful to those of you who showed support for this silly little distraction project of mine.

It’s strange that crowdfunding for SQUIDS IN ends on the same day that this piece of news is released: http://newworldwow.com/index.php/2016/09/09/scientists-say-octopus-dna-not-belong-world/

All the Best


Hello My Tentacular Friend!

SQUIDS IN only has one week left of it’s funding campaign and we are still a bit away from reaching publication. 

Whether you have already purchased a copy or have been eagerly watching this books progress over the past three months, now is your very last chance to bag yourself a copy (and hope that 100 other people do so too). 

If this project does not fund on Inkshares, I have no intention of seeking publication through any other channels so this really is your last chance to own a story about a video game playing octopus called Hendrix!

I will leave you with this image that kicked off the whole SQUIDS IN campaign! Let’s hope that bottle doesn’t end up unopened, I would love to pop the cork in celebration of achieving publication!


Righto! Sales have slowed. So much infact that no additional orders have been received in the 10 days since my last update. A worrying fact indeed and one that leads me to think that SQUIDS IN may not make it to publication.

What does this mean for you if you have supported this book? 

You will receive a full refund in 31 days and will have shown yourself to be a true friend, one who is willing to assist me in achieving a dream of getting a piece of work published. If SQUIDS IN fails to become my first published book, so be it. It will not stop me from writing.

108 orders in one month is certainly achievable, but I have run out of stream. Work and family life have come calling and I’ve been neglecting both for too long in order to chase selfish dreams. It’s time for me to return to the real world once more.

Once the Olympics have finished that is...


Hendrix is still doing his bit to raise awareness for SQUIDS IN. Not only did he hang out in Times Square at stupid o’clock in the morning the other day, he managed to get a few of his minions a free ride on some Porsche Carrera Cup racing cars.

It’s becoming very apparent that Hendrix and I will not manage our target of 250 pre-orders alone. If you know anyone who has a rude sense of humor, please point them to the sample SQUIDS IN chapters. Thanks!


Thank you to everyone who has placed a repeat order for SQUIDS IN following my last update. As a result the book is that little bit closer to publication. 

Hendrix the Octopus is continuing in his promotion of the book, though personally I suspect he’s just playing Pokemon Go!

Special thanks to Nick Holden who ordered 10 BOOKS!!! Nick races in the Britcar series over here in the UK in a Renaultsport RS-01 and uses one of my Race-Keeper HDX2 onboard video-data logging systems. Now tell me that this isn’t a gorgeous looking race car...

110 orders in 46 days. LET’S DO THIS!!!


Hello Everyone!

After taking some time off following the conclusion of the contest I’ve decided to see if we can amass 250 pre-orders before the end of SQUIDS IN’s campaign in order to get this mad book published. I’ve even managed to convince Hendrix the octopus to hit the streets and drum up support.

If you have any spare Inkshares credits or money that’s burning a hole in your pocket, you could do a lot worse then helping someone achieve publication.


Thanks guys!


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respectable fight Mr Poet, now onwards to Quil! 

I know I said that my previous update was going to be the last one until the contest came to a close but I just received a note from fellow Inkshares author Christopher Irvin that a guest blog post all about SQUIDS IN that we put together a while back has finally gone live. You can read it here - http://christopherirvin.net/2016/07/13/inkshares-interview-matthew-poat-squids-in/

Christopher is currently funding his illustrated novel WRESTLETOWN and it both sounds and looks absolutely awesome. I certainly have my physical copy ordered and I would encourage you to go and order a copy too - https://www.inkshares.com/books/wrestletown?referral_code=9df46898

With regards to the contest, it looks like 5th place is out of reach now after a surge of support for "Mothering : The Game" but I don’t begrudge that. The book is wonderful and I myself have ordered a few physical copies.

Now I just need to try and secure 6th place which may prove tough since both "SideScroller" and "A Soldier’s Crest : Imperium" are currently nipping at my heels. If only I could get Hendrix the octopus to help out, but he’s gone AWOL.