Chapter 1

Tip #2 Create Support Systems

Little do people know, NBA superstar Russell Westbrook and I use to be schoolmates my freshman year at Leuzinger High. The two of us pushed each other on and off the basketball court, which led to both of us getting better grades and being better than most on the court. We challenged each other mostly in science, sometimes comparing notes or study guides in order to make sure we both had all of our information correct. Of course I always thought I had the right answer and without a doubt he also thought he had the right answer, but the moment of truth always came down to the actual test scores. Whoever would have the lowest score would have to check the other person's answers to see where the mistakes were, unintentionally enhancing our study skills and habits.

Likewise, on the court, we would always challenge each other in skill drills and made sure that the other worked hard. Our conditioning drills were always fun and competitive because it was always a test to see who could run faster in line-drills and who could last longer in lap drills.

As a result of both of us wanting to become the best at what we did, we never left one another behind. Our winning spirits began to catapult both of us to excellence in academics and sports. The key to this is finding someone you believe exemplifies what

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you want to become. Once you have found the example that you want to follow, you have to be willing to do whatever is needed in order to make your dreams come to life. What surprises me the most, is when people rarely engage in mentoring relationships, and those who do, usually only find supporters in one aspect of their lives. When your supporters are only helping you in one aspect of life, this puts a limit on your possibilities.

You have to remember that there are many aspects of life and make sure the people that are in your life are in the right places to help you succeed. If you want to Sprint to a Better Life & Career, you have to be enthusiastic about finding those key supporters that will help you achieve great things in multiple aspects in your life.

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