“That is one huge spider…” Des said quietly.

“Just hold steady." Guy snapped. "It’s only one. Just remember this is what we have been looking for.”

Looking for over six months and counting...

“The drones have measured it as 4.2 meters long and 3.7m high, or at least that’s where the rider sits.”
“It’s black, jet black.” Guy said firmly. “It has to be the one we want. Remember they may look scary, but when they have a rider, they are really tame.” Still his hands were trembling as he spoke, his head was spinning:

After all this time had he finally found Teodor?

Still he had to think of how to protect his troop if he was wrong.

“Put up the protective wall.”

The fighters pulled out panels from the truck and within instants there was a low wall of steel between them and the Spider Rider. Only the spider was taller than the wall. It was huge, and his jaws were gnashing with long needle-like stingers dripping poison before it. After months of thinking and speculating nothing had prepared him for the sight of the giant black spider. He felt his heart pounding with fear; he knew it must be worse for the others.

“Steady everyone.” He called out again, all the time thinking. Please let me be right, please let this be him. “Steady…”

“That’s close enough.” Des growled. “Give him a warning shot.”
“Sara, one blade, a warning please.”
She did not need any further instruction she span a blade accurately into the grass just ahead of the Giant Spider. Unexpectedly the giant beast reared up, reaching to a height of five or six metres, its jaws, stingers and great waving palps all directed towards them. It landed with a bounce, poison was flying from the stingers in a fine spray towards them. They all ducked, lest the poison touch them. A man screamed.

“Quiet!” Guy commanded. “Stand firm!”

Thus begins the Dome Elite’s first encounter with the Spider Riders of Sas Darona.

1)But what are they looking for?
2)Why has it taken them so long to find them?
3) What has become of Teodor, the now15-year-old boy king of Freyne?