"Only a few people can hear the Spectrum, and even fewer can hear the words. The ones who can take those words and use them - they’re what we call mages."

The first day of Albion’s Nisbett’s new job is an introduction to a world he never knew existed. He is the newest Guardian, tasked with hunting down and incarcerating mages - ordinary people with the ability to do extraordinary things. Some of them can walk straight through a crowd without being noticed, some can make you see things that don’t exist.

Some can get into your head without you ever knowing they were there.

Rebellion is starting to stir among the remaining free mages of the city; angry at their persecution. The holding cells beneath the streets of London are starting to get full and Albion’s job is about to get a lot more dangerous.


About the Author

Antimony Noon, otherwise known as Kirsty, has wanted to be a published author ever since getting an excellent review on her first piece of fiction. She was six and it was about giraffes. Since then, she has been filling up rooms and notebooks with stories.

When not writing, she has lots of other weird and wonderful hobbies like tabletop roleplaying, making renaissance dresses, crocheting tiny Lovecraftian creatures, singing and coding IF games.