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Random bonus artwork time! So, by chance, I happened back across this picture and had to post it.
This is my very first sketch of Nia from years ago, back when I originally had the idea for my magic system - choosing words out of an endless, ongoing chant; and I wanted to depict that very literally as her pulling strands of words out to cast them. :)

So, the aim of this week was to hit either 30 followers or 5 pre-orders. 

Overnight, with the help of some amazing people, I hit (and went past!) both of those targets! So thank you so much, you are all awesome, and as promised - this is my character art-in-progress for Nia, one of the protagonists of Spectrum.

Next target: either 50 followers, or 15 pre-orders and then I’ll put up the character art for Assassin. Please share, please keep following and put in a pre-order if you haven’t already and modern-day dystopia with magic sounds like something you might enjoy!    

Thank you to everyone following so far - Spectrum has now hit 25 followers! I released the new draft cover art a little early, so the next bit of extra content will be at either 30 followers or 5 pre-orders; whichever comes first!

Once Spectrum reaches either of those goals, I’ll be doing some character art for Nia, the protagonist of chapter one, Synergist; so please share and if you are a follower who hasn’t pre-ordered yet, please consider doing so! 

So, almost the start of a new week; getting close to 25 amazing followers (thank you!) and I’ve spent some of my weekend designing a new draft cover for Spectrum!

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The newest chapter of Spectrum, Guardian is up and ready to read! 

So, after a few weeks of writing and getting some wonderful feedback on the sample chapters - Spectrum is now officially (and completely terrifyingly!) taking pre-orders on Inkshares! 

Thank you to everybody who is following and please do leave feedback if you have the time!