’Spare Parts’ is set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy setting, where a mishap with science and magic created a world where the phrase ’wear your heart on your sleeve’ has become quite literal- though most prefer to wear them around their necks.

Heartstones are directly connected to their owner, and they share damage. A broken hear isn’t just a figure of speech- any damage done to a person shows, cracks and damage to the stone they wear around their necks. There isn’t much to be done to save a person whose stone has been cracked... at least, there’s not supposed to be.

But in recent years, a new talent has risen in the people. Labelled ’Tinkers’, men and women have been born with the power to alter heartstones- for better or for worse. The king has been collecting them for reasons unknown to the general public, under the excuse of keeping them from becoming criminals. Most of them have been swept up.

Scyren is the only known excuse. The owner of a small shop on the poor side of town, he offers his services to those in need. Men and women too poor to buy new hearts. If they’re worthy, he fixes them in ways even the king’s men aren’t capable of. His name is spreading to many people.

One of them is a young lord with a heart that has nearly shattered completely. When he comes begging for help, Scyren is presented with his greatest challenge- in more ways than one- and the young lord discovers a dark truth, both to the Tinker and the country they live in.