Surviving seventh grade is nearly impossible for most kids who aren’t alien princesses or the galaxies most wanted criminal, but for Oak Starmont and Astrid Edward, it just might kill them. Forget using the excuse, “the dog ate my homework,” try having your homework swallowed by a black hole. Navigating social groups, gym locker rooms, and middle school hormones are a piece of cake after traveling the galaxy and defeating invading armies.

Oak Starmont, is struggling to overcome an unwarranted reputation as a troublemaker in his small Alaskan town. His work just got harder, when he is given the identity of the most wanted criminal in the galaxy. The rest of the galaxy thinks of Earth as a mythical utopia only heard of through an untraceable radio signal, making it the ideal hideout for the most wanted criminal in the galaxy. Now Oak has to find a Princess that his predecessor kidnapped, save the galaxy from an invading alien fleet, and not get himself captured by aliens, killed by exploding stars, or worse, grounded by his mom.

I believe the next big trend with children today is going to be light sci-fi. Schools are starting to push science, new telescopes are giving a clear picture of our galaxy and earth like planets, one-way trips to mars are being planned, all are pointing to a rekindled desire to explore space and Space Phoenix could be the book that will help ignite the next generation of explorers. Space Phoenix is an 80K word manuscript that will transport the readers to countless new worlds, but yet ground them to the familiarity of Earth.