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What’s this all about?

What happens when you put a cat in space? Simple. A cat, but in space! A cat will always be a cat, no matter where it is, and who better to observe this behavior than a lone scientist on a space station.

Space Cat follows Commander Leah Esstrerson on board the space station Grian Glas, a microgravity farm base, helping bring space habitation closer to full self-sufficiency, allowing humanity to continue to expand beyond Earth’s atmosphere. While all is going well, ground control decide to expand the research, but without consulting Leah first, so she now has a pet cat. From his arrival on Grian Glas, Pangur Ban the cat upsets Leah’s status quo, bringing new experiences into her life as they share in unusual and unexpected situations together, with laughs and tears along the way.

Space Cat explores the idea of living in space with consideration to real world technology and potential future developments. With a heavy focus on human nature, it considers how humans survive in space with the mental and emotional trials they must face, and also two opposing sides to humanity’s future in space: science and tourism. These worlds collide in Space Cat, allowing for a full exploration of the future habitation of space, and how humans (and cats) react and live in the frontier that is space.

A Note from the Author

I wish for Space Cat to be enjoyed by many, and so I have been working hard to make a relatable, enjoyable, but also a dramatic, hard sci-fi that I hope will not alienate audiences, but instead draw them into the possibilities of space and science via characters who have flaws like many of us.

This story is born out of my love of space and cats. I am an amateur enthusiast on space technology, and have always gazed longingly at the night sky. And cats are just an endless source of joy to me, and so I have brought them together in such a way that people can enjoy both at the same time, via a strange pairing that came to my mind one day.

Space Cat will only go into Pre-Order if a good following garners interest. Otherwise I will look for other routes to send the novel out into the world. I have had some lovely feedback from the Inkshares community, already, and hope one day to share the whole novel with you all to enjoy.