I’m James and I do the writing thing! I’ve been published a few times by small places. I’ve even written for a licensed Doctor Who spin-off, so I’ve kind of contributed to that canon if you really squint.

Now I’m moving on from short stories and finishing off a fantasy novel I’ve had a first draft of for about a year. Enjoy!


The first men called this land nothing, for they had no language with which to name it. Those who came after gave it an unpronounceable runic name in a language which died with them. The wise and the powerful who now rule call the land Gearis.

Perhaps nobody knows the land’s true name. What is clear, however, is that Gearis is in terrible danger.

Whispers of an assassination plot against her father lead a precocious young woman, Zara, to take matters into her own hands. From the cloud-rimmed spires of Ilyrium to the teeming, dirt-stained city of Trench, Zara’s travels bring her into contact with tongueless killers, slave traders, and fallen stars.

Aided and abetted by a band of friends and allies, Zara must use her intellect and cunning to outwit those around her. For the Scourge is growing closer every moment, and it will leave nothing untarnished.