Cameron Vance recovers lost souls for a living. It’s not the most glamorous of jobs, but ever since his own soul was stolen eight years ago, Cameron has the ability to hear—and host—the souls of others. The money even almost makes up for the debilitating pain and depression that comes every time he returns a hosted soul to its rightful owner.

When Cameron takes a case involving souls stolen from a swath of third-graders, he knows the thief’s talents are out of his league. He calls in a favor and enlists the help of necromancer Gabriel Magellan, the only person Cameron knows who is capable of handling a mage of this caliber.

Yet even Gabriel’s skills are not enough when they are forced to follow the soul thief into Betshadim, the demon realm. And it turns out there are many ways a demon can use an empty vessel that can house souls. Cameron doesn’t want anything to do with a demon overlord, but he may not have a choice if he wants to trap the thief and rescue the children’s souls.

SUBGENRE: southern urban fantasy