For those who like today happy Valentine’s day.  I’m not partial to it but anyway.  I have uploaded the final chapters that I intend to put on this site and may start taking preorders but haven’t decided want to get a gauge on how many of you will participate.  Certainly don’t want to jump the gun.  If you enjoy this please let your friends know so they can get a taste of the novel and I thank you for supporting this project.

Kevin Hempfling

Another three chapters uploaded.  I think February will be my last month of updates.  I don't want to put the whole book on here.  I hope everyone has enjoyed this so far.  Have a great new year.

Just updated with 3 more chapters for the month.  Hope everyone has an excellent holiday season.  Spread the word if you're enjoying the book.  The book is completed I just need help editing it and obviously publishing hence my presence here.  Thank you everyone who has followed this book it's awesome to know people are taking an interest in what I've written.