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In the aftermath of the mass shooting at Cicero’s Circus in Saint-Ferdinand, the village struggles to get back to normal. The massacre was the final straw for many inhabitants triggering a mass exodus with little thought given as to the cause of the tragedy. To those who know the truth however, that a malevolent god unleashed its wrath upon the village, it’s only a matter of time before events repeat themselves.

Venus McKenzie ventures deeper into the pit of secrets left in death’s wake, praying that what she’ll find will help her against the dark forces that have slipped her tenuous grasp. Someone did catch what she couldn’t hold however. Someone with plans and dark intent.

I had always planned A God in the Shed to be the first in a trilogy of books. The story of Venus McKenzie and her friends, the mythology of their world and the history of Saint-Ferdinand, the Craftsmen and the Sandmen isn’t something I can fit in one tome. However, beyond the story itself, I never gave much thought about what came after book one.

Now that people are actually reading A God in the Shed, I can’t be as cavalier about the whole thing. So I gave the series a title: The Books of Hate and Death. I wanted something ominous and nothing rang as true as the things under the dominion of the titular God in the shed.

I do owe an apology to those who went into the first book expecting all lose ends to be neatly tied up. Not everyone wants to jump into a series and I hate feeling like I’ve misled a reader. On the other hand, so many have responded to the first book by asking ’when can I get the sequel’ that I’m hoping very few were offended.

How do you deal with a vengeful, malevolent God loose upon the world? Who do you turn to when there are no wizards and no knights in shining armor, when you’re faced with a crisis the kind of which the world hasn’t seen in centuries?

Venus McKenzie has gone from suffering bullies and life in a boring small town to being the guardian of a demon-like entity and finally having it revealed that her destiny was to face down the creature. However, unlike most prophecies, she is no ’chosen one’. There are no pretension that she will prevail. There is no roadmap to victory. For her, life has become a desperate quest to learn as much as possible, as fast as possible, and at any cost.

Daniel Crowley is unmade, turning to the last few people in his life, being embraced by what he thought was the enemy. He comes face-to-face with his past, the god of Saint-Ferdinand and in the end; himself.

Penelope LaForest and Abraham Peterson hold the fort down in the village, but even there, they can’t escape the ghosts of what happened. In some ways more literal then others.

Each dip a toe into the waters of the true history of Saint-Ferdinand and the horrible legacy they have inherited and each will find these waters too cold and unwelcoming, but also inescapable.

Song of the Sandman continues the story of the survivors of Saint-Ferdinand. Their quest to gain a better understanding of the forces aligned against them, who their allies are and how to overcome their enemies. However, clarity comes at a cost. For some it might be a pound of flesh and others an ounce of their soul.