The Tale:

Soft Robotics is a science fiction tale about the rambling struggles of a young folk singer with robot hands named Genevieve Zeitlyn as she tackles the music industry in the near future. Told in fleeting chapters divided into twelve parts, Genevieve’s journey is familiar for anyone who’s been young and ambitious, but comes alive at witnessing her deep love of the craft. The expressiveness of a song is truth even if you have robot hands.

The Storyteller:

Steven Ray Morris is an author, musician, cat owner, and an okapi in his next life. He spends most of his time chatting with stand-up comedians for Yay! LA Magazine. Thought Catalog Books released a collection of essays he wrote about the Jurassic Park franchise, Molding A Jurassic Universe, earlier this summer.

And Sundry:

Included with Soft Robotics will be an ephemera of worldbuilding material including tracklists for her records and liner notes, news and interviews of her progress, and even an inflammatory review of her debut album, Welwitschia Tree.

The book is currently eighty percent written in its serialized short story format. Each part includes a six-song supplemental playlist of the music Genevieve finds inspiration from in her own songwriting.