A arts-and-photography book by Sam Trull

An inspiring and intimate visual journey into the world of sloths.

Wildlife conservationist and photographer Sam Trull’s world changed forever when she gave up her comfortable life in the United States for the wilds of Costa Rica. After almost twenty years of working with animals, one creature in particular had captured her heart: the sloth.

In her stunning photo book, SLOTHLOVE, Sam shares intimate portraits of these captivating and endearing animals from her unique perspective as their protector, mother, and friend. Woven in with these images are unforgettable stories of heartbreak and survival, as well as interesting facts about these intelligent and beautiful creatures. SLOTHLOVE is an unforgettable journey into the trees of the Costa Rican rainforest and a moving portrait of the profound connection between humans and animals.

As background, Sam and her sloths were featured as a main episode of the BBC One series Nature’s Miracle Orphans, which aired on PBS stations around the United States. Also, back in 2014, Sam made scientific history by performing the first ever sloth C-section.

The Mental Floss video on Slothlove did more than 3 million views in its first day and the shares are in the hundreds of thousands. This book has sold out on Amazon and B&N.

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You know the Mother of Dragons. Now meet the Mother of Sloths.
Reader's Digest
Heart-Melting Pictures of Cute Sloths Who Just Want to Be Your Friend
Sloth 1
Good News Network
April 17, 2016
Scientist Brings Us Wondrously Cute Sloth Photos in New Book SLOTHLOVE
9781941758496 fc
Reel Life With Jane
February 12, 2016
You would be hard-pressed to find a cuter creature on earth, and Trull’s photos show her love for them in every shot.
9781941758496 fc
Manhattan Book Review
April 19, 2016
Manhattan Book Review’s Faith Lewis interviewed Sam Trull about her book Slothlove.
156842 462889896804 6963463 n
The Daily Tar Heel
April 19, 2016
Through her moving series of images, Slothlove, Sam Trull reveals her perspective as a friend to the incredibly disarming sloths of Costa Rica. Her images illustrate much about the lives of these awe-inspiring creatures while also conveying the hardship and struggle they face for survival.
9781941758496 fc
Mental Floss
April 19, 2016
In case you needed 6 more reasons to love sloths.
9781941758496 fc
The News and Observer
April 14, 2016
For a midweek distraction, swing by Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill Wednesday night, where wildlife conservationist and photographer (and Durham native) Sam Trull brings her new book Slothlove.
9781941758496 fc
Daddy Mojo
April 24, 2016
Slothlove will give you warm feelings about slow creatures.
9781941758496 fc
April 03, 2016
A Wildlife Conservationist’s Intimate Photos of Sloths
9781941758496 fc
April 18, 2016
In her stunning photo series, Slothlove, Sam shares intimate portraits of these captivating and endearing animals from her unique perspective as their protector, mother, and friend.
9781941758496 fc
She Scribes
April 19, 2016
Truly adorable... a joy to look through.... a great book for fan[s] of sloths, wildlife... social
May 23, 2016
Oh my sloth! Nothing says adorable quite like photos of sloths living life to the fullest and loving every second of it.
12366332 10153725901689299 7486469912764047418 n
My Modern Met
May 19, 2016
'Mother of Sloths' Rescues and Rehabilitates Adorable Baby Sloths in Costa Rica
Daily Mail
May 22, 2016
[A] heartwarming collection.
12049575 10153211886906156 4626936170390068193 n
Lonely Planet
May 24, 2016
Slothlove... a must-see for anyone who loves cute pictures of baby animals.
13043344 10154060317613972 8275482299440882316 n
Lost at E Minor
May 17, 2016
Orphanage for baby sloths has to be the happiest place in the world.
13123010 1043389559088915 6108717390123944798 o
May 19, 2016
A Sloth Specialist Breaks Down The Internet's Obsession With The Cute Creatures
9781941758496 fc
May 08, 2016
There is not enough cute in the world for these rescued baby sloths.
Slothlove auphoto
Mother Nature Network
May 09, 2016
Slothlove captures the endearing charm of orphaned baby sloths.
9781941758496 fc
Feathered Quill
May 11, 2016
Love sloths? SlothLove is the perfect book for both the sloth lover as well as the person who simply wants to know more about these amazing animals.
9781941758496 fc
Weather Channel
May 10, 2016
Trull's book offers a window into the wildlife of the Costa Rican rainforest, and profiles the secret lives of the adorable slow-moving critters.
9781941758496 fc
Higher Prospective
May 05, 2016
The Sloth Institute in Cost Rica looks after baby sloths that lost their moms!
582061 10151891770413124 1396797617 n
August 05, 2016
Adorable Portraits of Rescued Baby Sloths