Sloth two toed head tortuguero Jam · Reader · edited over 5 years ago
I am a very proud owner of a physical copy of this book! It is GORGEOUS and I am so glad that we made the goal and got it published!!

I also just managed to download the ebook I ordered years ago. Thanks for everything!

Userphoto3 original Dana Moult · Reader · added over 5 years ago
Hello Sam,

First of all, massive congratulations on successfully achieving this! My girlfriend absolutely cannot wait to start reading your book. I pre-ordered it a year ago which I believe gets me an e-book copy.  Do you know when or how I will get this?

Thank you very much :)

So tomorrow is the big day!  Finally after a year…SLOTHLOVE is officially published!  I really can’t thank all of you enough for your support and words of encouragement along the way.  This has been a dream come true and I am really happy with the result….and I hope all of you are happy with your copies of SLOTHLOVE too!  It has been such a joy to see people’s faces light up as they see the photos and read the facts and stories.  Knowing that people are learning about sloths and hopefully loving and respecting them more because of this book is EVERYTHING to me.  THANK YOU for making this dream a reality and for helping me spread the SLOTHLOVE!!!  In the words of my hero Jane Goodall, "What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make."  Thank you for helping me to make a positive difference!

If you have a few minutes and would like to leave a review of SLOTHLOVE on Amazon or Goodreads that would surely help other people decide whether this is a book they want to read or not!  I would appreciate it.  Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Slothlove-Sam-Trull/dp/1941758495/ref=zg_bs_8298057011_2

Goodreads Link: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/26494474-slothlove

For those of you wondering how Kermie is doing…here’s a little picture of him enjoying his natural habitat…He’s all grown up and living in the wild now but being tracked and observed every night :-)

Thank you again!!!  #Slothlove


Picture Yekaterina Novikova · Reader · added over 5 years ago
waiting for my second copy! first one got snatched up by my best friend :)
Userphoto9 original Virginia Ann Rady · Reader · added over 5 years ago
We got our copies this week. How wonderful did this book turn out!  We give it a big thumbs up form both the two and three-toed communities.  

Userphoto6 original MacKenzie Stuart · Reader · added over 5 years ago
OMG OMG it’s so pretty! What a joy to receive this book in all its slothy glory. 
Userphoto7 original Adriana Manchen · Reader · added almost 6 years ago
Hey Sam!  Well they are both so adorable; I can see why it's hard to choose.  My vote is for the second one though.  Two sloths are better than one. :)  Plus, they are embracing each other.

Gvrigi7n Sari · Reader · added almost 6 years ago
Hi Sam. Both are so nice, but I love first one more. 
The reason I started to interested in Sloths is "Newbe" :)
Psstv go Sam · Reader · added almost 6 years ago
Hi Sam - I like (love) the second cover more. The font and colour compliment the photo of those beautiful hugging sloths. Even more excited about the book now :)
Userphoto1 original juraj · Reader · added almost 6 years ago
Hi Sam. I like the second one more. Font and its colour go better with the photo and two of them in a cuddle is what it's all about :)

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