You know the Mother of Dragons. Now meet the Mother of Sloths.
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Heart-Melting Pictures of Cute Sloths Who Just Want to Be Your Friend
Mental Floss
The Human Who Teaches Orphan Sloths How to Be Wild Animals
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Scientist Brings Us Wondrously Cute Sloth Photos in New Book SLOTHLOVE
Reel Life With Jane
You would be hard-pressed to find a cuter creature on earth, and Trull’s photos show her love for them in every shot.
Manhattan Book Review
Manhattan Book Review’s Faith Lewis interviewed Sam Trull about her book Slothlove.
The Daily Tar Heel
Through her moving series of images, Slothlove, Sam Trull reveals her perspective as a friend to the incredibly disarming sloths of Costa Rica. Her images illustrate much about the lives of these awe-inspiring creatures while also conveying the hardship and struggle they face for survival.
Mental Floss
In case you needed 6 more reasons to love sloths.
Thad Woodman
It's impossible to close this book once you open it. Great gift, but be sure to keep it away from Kristen Bell.
Love this book—I needed more sloth in my life!