In today’s world of drone strikes, spies and secrets, how does one man openly threaten a world superpower and get away with it?

An American clandestine agency receives a videotape made by a man deemed America’s number one enemy, threatening to orchestrate nuclear detonation on American soil. Before the threat may even be assessed, the terrorists demonstrate the use of their deadly weapon on live television, sending shock waves across the American bureaucracy.

With public panic setting in and an impossible timeline dictated by the terrorists, their only hope is to stop this at the source. The agency looks up to Special Agent Denver Sand, their best operative, to put together a team of tactical experts and put an end to this menace.With all the help he can get, Sand must fight his own inner demons and find these terrorists before it is too late.

Will he succeed? Or will he run out of time?


Skyline is my second book. My first book, At First Sight, began in late 2013 as a collection of short stories I’d written over the years. These stories were very close to my heart and deserved to be compiled together for the world to read. I self published the book under my own banner, and had a fair amount of success getting over a hundred copies sold in 2 months and generating multiple 5-star reviews on GoodReads. I didn’t focus on book sales or getting it published traditionally since some of those stories I wrote were personal, however the interest generated gave me the confidence to try writing professionally. Skyline is the product of two years of hard work and persistence.

I am an engineer by profession and I call myself a part time writer and poet. My first tryst with writing began in 2005 when I discovered a friend’s weblog (now commonly known as a blog), and I instantly fell in love with the concept of writing myinnermost thoughts and discovered the joy of being read. I added poetry and song writing to my arsenal as thousands of readers kept on flocking in. I have over 2500 followers on my personal blog site.

Skyline is a work in progress. Although I have the outline and few chapters completed, I still have the task of writing the manuscript to my liking. I like to be thorough in what I write and prefer to get the best version of my craft out there for my readers to read, or nothing at all. I plan to have a ready manuscript by the end of August 2015.

I’ve uploaded a sample chapter for readers, I’d love to hear feedback or critique.

You can check out my website and some of my work at Thanks in advance for your support.