Hi everyone,

I know not everyone receiving this is a writer, but many of you are, and I wanted to let you know about a great and truly unique opportunity to create/submit original horror work. It’s called DEATHSCRIBE: The International Festival of Horror Radio Plays.

Deathscribe is a live horror theatre/radio event produced each December by WildClaw Theatre in Chicago. I was a WildClaw company member for 8 years, it was my artistic home during my years in Chicago. Trust me when I say they are people you want to work with.

Deathscribe is five original 10-minute horror radio plays, curated from open submissions from around the world, performed by live foley artists, a stellar band, and incredibly talented actors on the mic. There are special guests. Everyone dresses up. It’s one awesome unlike-anything-else-you’ll-see scary spooky night. And this year, one of the plays could be yours.

Go to http://www.wildclawtheatre.com/deathscribe/ for submission guidelines. You can submit up to two plays, and there’s no submission fee.

Don’t have a 10-minute horror radio play hiding in the drawer? Fear not, the deadline isn’t until July 31, which gives you plenty of time to write something NEW.

Do it. You could win $100, and of course...THE BLOODY AXE.

And, as always, if you’re so inclined, please RATE AND REVIEW Single Version over at Amazon and here on Inkshares.

Thanks so much! Happy reading (and scribing)!


Hi everyone, I’m still here. Not in the Jaoquin Phoenix performance art sense, but in the "oh geez, I’m not talking to anyone much lately" sense.

A call to action. PLEASE REVIEW SINGLE VERSION ON AMAZON. That is the best way anyone out there can help me right now. And it does help. A lot. Go here and leave a review when you can: https://www.amazon.com/Single-Version-Scott-Barsotti/dp/1942645139

Reviews on Goodreads, Inkshares, and elsewhere are great too, but Amazon is where I need to see those numbers ramp up in order to continue pushing the book.

I saw CURE in the MOAB.

I saw CURE during NoDAPL.

I saw CURE in the United incident.

I saw CURE in that Pepsi ad.

I see CURE every time I open a news site, more and more everywhere these days...which is not comforting.

A lot of people have messaged me and said that SINGLE VERSION appears to be coming true, politically, socially, environmentally, technologically, and for the people reading it right now, I’ve heard that’s an eerie experience. I’ve heard "I’m glad I read this BEFORE the election" more than once.

I go back and forth about what this means.

So...tell me what this means. Is it good SCI-FI? Good HORROR? A good yarn, who cares about genres? Let me know. Email me or better yet, PLEASE REVIEW SINGLE VERSION ON AMAZON. Pretty please.


And as always, please talk about it. Tell a friend. Lend your copy. Do a book club. Talk about it on your podcast. You’re my only hope.

Thanks for reading.

Userphoto3 original Steve · Reader · added almost 3 years ago
Scott, you had me at "mephitic slurry." I’m a huge fan of well-written futuristic dystopias. This one resonated on many levels. The allusion to the Trump presidential Tower is a frightening touch which may have led logically to the 2nd amendment becoming a mandate rather than a constitutional right;  law enforcement becoming privatized, omnipotent,  and uncontrollable; to technology replacing not only body parts but the human soul; and of course to the roach population dominating the human landscape.  May your vision not become prediction! Johnson O’Connor would be rolling in his grave to see  the bleak future of aptitude assessment and the premise that "language doesn’t matter". Bravo, well done.
Picture Eric Landreneau · Author · added about 3 years ago
About halfway through, and this book is making me sad and scared and angry. It is a warning. This book is needed right now in America. Very timely, very difficult, very beautiful sci-fi in the grandest foreboding tradition. Page 149: Empathy. This book is preaching my religion... At least, the closest thing to a religion I’ll acknowledge. Empathy. One good thing people have, one thing we’re losing in this age of "say it like it is" (hatefully) public figures.
Scottwritershot Scott T. Barsotti · Author · added about 3 years ago
I’ll be doing it on my Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/scott.barsotti

It’ll be set to Public so I believe people who are not my friend on Facebook should be able to view it.
Fullsizeoutput 174 S.T. Ranscht · Author · added about 3 years ago
What’s the Facebook link?
I’ll be going LIVE on Facebook tomorrow at 6PM Eastern to read from SINGLE VERSION and talk a little about getting it published. Hope you join me for some #roachpunk #scifi #creepycrawly literary goodness.

Absolutely thrilled to be holding it in my hands. Surreal...

Picture Rick Heinz · Author · added about 3 years ago
Got my copy today!

Tomorrow is the day these critters come skitter-scuttling to your front step. SINGLE VERSION officially publishes 9/13. TOMORROW.

For all of you expecting paperbacks, they’ll be shipping any day now. If you ordered an e-book, you should be getting it today.

When it reaches your beautiful eyeballs, take it on the train with you so everyone can see Susie Kirkwood’s breathtaking cover design, and when a stranger asks you, "That book looks so attractive and yet...repulsive," you can say, "First of all, that wasn’t a question. And second of all, this is SINGLE VERSION. It’s part sci-fi, part horror, part cyberpunk, and it is creeping me the fuck out. Please, stranger, would you check my back for roaches. See any? None? I feel them there. No? Great. I LOVE READING!!"

I can’t believe this day is finally here. Thank you everyone for your belief and support. I truly hope you dig the story and that it resonates with you. And if it does, please tell someone about it. Write a review on Amazon or Goodreads. Toss it up on your blogs, your Facebooks, your Instas. Pitch it to your book club. Any help spreading the word is wonderful, appreciated help.

And I’ve got another project in the works...more on that very soon.

In the meantime...please enjoy SINGLE VERSION.

Fullsizeoutput 174 S.T. Ranscht · Author · added over 3 years ago
I am beyond excited that this is finally on the horrorizon! Happier for you, Scott, than a cockroach in Dystopia.

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