A civilization on Earth predates current, accepted timelines and we come to find many other civilizations predated even this ancient society. A young heroine, Jessu, a girl of hidden, energetic powers, comes of age within this minimalist techno-topia. All aspects of life seem expertly planned, meeting the needs of every person in the world community with a minimum of friction and tension. With no scarcity of resources and everyone’s needs met, the world seems at the height of a Golden Age. But, quite on accident and against all odds, Jessu and others she encounters come to find that the culture established over thousands of years in which the world seems to thrive is perhaps not as perfect as everyone believes. Deep and mysterious, ancient forces, despite the structures in place to promote stable growth and harmony throughout the world, work under occlusion to keep her from discovering the danger that threatens to destroy all of humanity as she struggles in love, friendship, and self actualization. With an enigmatic ally at her side and with some help from her one true love and some rebellious women of authority, she might prevail after all. If she is bold enough to bring out what is inside of her, she might preserve the course of humanity’s future.