One Book. Two novels.

Trading Saints for Sinners

Caden Conrad is a damn good liar - to his loved ones, the newspapers who employ him, even to himself. Desperately trying to distance himself from his past, and courting the prostitute Ariadne, Caden has turned the worst parts of Europe into his own personal hell. But now his lies are catching up with him, and the archangel Mephistopheles - a former devil - has come to collect.

(originally published by WragsInk in 2013)

Sin’s Requiem

Aeneas only wants to help his grandfather pass away in peace, but Patrick’s dark and tragic past is keeping his soul in turmoil. When Aeneas tells his grandfather that he would take his grandfather’s sin, he starts waking up in his grandfather’s body—in World War II. And until he fixes whatever great sin that Patrick feels he committed, Aeneas will be stuck in a time loop. But what could Patrick have done in the war that would make him so afraid to die?