Sin’s Requiem is a story I couldn’t figure out how to tell for about 5 years. I just had the idea of a grandson having to fix his grandfather’s sins, and time-traveling to WWII to do so. I liked the ideas of Quantum Leap, Lost, and X-Men: Days of Future Past, that it’s not a physical time travel, it’s a conscience instead...but I couldn’t find the trigger for it.

I finally did find that trigger. I was thinking about Sin Eaters, and the idea of transferring sin from one person to another. And then my grandfather, the inspiration for this story, and a WWII veteran himself, passed away. I sat by his bed for 5 days with no sleep, playing Sinatra and Dean Martin, and after his funeral, I finally figured out how to write this novel--which then became a novella.

It also followed nicely with my first published novel, Trading Saints for Sinners, not as a sequel, but a thematic follow-up. Together, I call them the "Catholic Noir Double Feature."