The story mainly revolves around a young girl, her coming to grip with her powers and the destiny intended for her. The world she inhabits hates and fears her kind not just for what they practice but for the inherent evil it represents. She is a warlock, of an ancient linage dating back to the creation of the world.

Warlocks are the fifth race of magic users and they use the most powerful energy around. They use the power of their own souls to weave magic, this allows them the unique ability to draw from other four forms of energy that permeates the universe. Dark and light, elemental and cosmic nothing is beyond them. Because of this affinity for welding all sorts of magic, as well as some dark history in the misuse of said power, they are feared the world over.

That’s where our main character comes in for amongst the warlocks she is but one of the few that can access all of the power she has at her disposal. With a few allies and seemingly endless power can this young warlock really bridge the gap between her culture and the rest of the world, and perhaps save the world in the process.